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Our health screening packages can help identify problems in the early stages and improve your overall health and wellbeing. We provide a wide range of health assessment options based on your requirements and can tailor our packages according to your needs.


Comprehensive Health Check Up

Our extensive range of screening packages will provide you with a full assessment of your health and well-being. Conducted by experienced private health screening doctor and supplemented with world class diagnostic equipment, our packages are designed to detect most major illness and conditions.

Please see the different packages we offer below.

Health Screening Packages

We have a number of different Health Screening options designed to detect early signs of illness to give you the best possible chance of effective treatment. These are ideal if you have a family history of disease or are just looking for some peace of mind. Fully tailored to your individual requirements, you can choose one of our three packages based on your needs and budget.

Prices from £495

Health Screening Packages

Full Body Cancer MRI Screening

Our Full Body Cancer MRI screening can detect cancer lesions as small as 1 centimeter . It is designed to identify difficult to detect cancers, such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cancer (kidney/bladder), ovarian and brain cancer.

These cancers are often referred to as the ‘silent killers’ as they don’t tend to produce symptoms and are often detected too late to treat.

Using an innovative new method of MRI scanning, known as Diffusion Whole Body (DWB), the scan covers the whole body from the head down to just above the knees.

All of the vital organs are scanned for cancer, including the brain, thyroid, spleen, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, ovaries and spine. It also screens for lymphomas (tumours of the blood) and myelomas (tumours of the skin). If cancer is detected, it can be treated early, with a better chance of a cure.

Prices from £1995

Well Woman Health Check

Our Well Woman Health Check is designed especially for women and gives you the opportunity to discuss any specific women’s health concerns with an experienced female health screening doctor. The series of screening tests will assess your risk of disease, identify any early warning signs, and arm you with an overall picture of your current health.

You will receive personalised recommendations from your doctor about how to optimise your health, and any areas of concern that might arise can be swiftly treated or referred on to a relevant specialist via our seamless referral process. Take charge of your health today with our Well Woman Health Check.

Well Man Health Check

Our Well Man Health Check is designed to assess your overall health and identify any potential health risks. Detecting health issues early is crucial for successful treatment.

After a series of tests, you will receive personalised recommendations for maintaining good health and suggestions for improving your quality of life. With fast and accurate results, our Well Man Health Check can bring you valuable peace of mind and insight into the current state of your health.

Employee Health Screening

We are experts in Executive Health Screening which take place at our prestigious Health Screening Centre at 9 Harley Street. Our current corporate partners have seen huge benefits from working with us, including:

  • Improvement in executive health, wellbeing and motivation
  • Increase in productivity and peak performance
  • Reduction in absenteeism

Our most popular Executive Health Screening is our Full Body MOT which checks for risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, liver function, kidney function, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiency and also includes more specific tests tailored for men and women.


Nutritional Health Screening

Following a healthy diet is important for preventing and managing disease. By identifying nutritional and metabolic imbalances in your body, a nutritional therapist can support you with lifestyle and diet changes to reduce your risk of disease.

Our Nutritional Health Assessment helps identify, treat, and prevent nutritionally related illnesses and diseases such as:

Carefully selected blood tests are used to provide insights into how you metabolise glucose and fatty acids and determine your nutritional status. A review of your diet provides an accurate assessment of your nutritional intake and any shortfalls in your diet. Inadequate or excessive nutrient intake can affect the risk of developing long-term health issues.

Having gained an overall assessment of your nutritional health, you will then be able to introduce a Nutrition Plan and lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of developing nutritionally related illnesses.

Prices from £399

Nutritional Health Screening

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Peace of mind with same day appointments

Comprehensive report

Outstanding care led by expert doctors and professors

State of the art advanced scanning facilities

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