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Get a private MRI scan in the heart of London at our renowned diagnostics and imaging centre on the world famous Harley Street. We are also excited to announce the launch of our MRI scan service at our Chelmsford site in Essex. You can also self refer for an MRI, therefore a referral from your GP is not necessary.

What is an MRI scan?

An MRI scan is a form of diagnostic testing that is used to rule out serious problems and give information about your body to help inform any treatment that might be needed.

Unlike CT scans or X-ray, MRI scans don’t use radiation, which can be harmful. An MRI machine works by using magnets to send radio waves through your body. A computer then interprets the signals to produce detailed images of the inside of your body.

MRI scans are used to diagnose a number of conditions including cancer, infections, heart disease, brain tumours, and bone abnormalities.  It can also be used to monitor progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Why you may need an MRI scan

An MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatment, and assess how effective previous treatment has been.

An MRI scan is one of the safest medical procedures available and can be extremely effective at gaining a deeper understanding of the body.

A referral from your general practitioner (GP) is not obligatory; the MRI cost encompasses a virtual GP referral. Nevertheless, if your GP deems a face-to-face referral necessary, an additional fee will apply. Alternatively, you have the option to request a face-to-face referral at an extra cost. Please note: If you are deemed medically unsuitable for the MRI, the GP referral fee remains payable.


Brain and spinal cord

This can scan for chronic back pain, scoliosis and paralysis.

Bones, joints and muscles

To diagnose causes of pain in joints, and spot bone damage and ligament tears.


To detect conditions in the brain such as cysts, bleeding and tumors.

Heart and blood vessels

They can be scanned to find heart diseases or defects.

Internal organs

The liver, womb and prostate glands can be scanned for diseases and cancers.


A thorough prostate cancer screening is provided, incorporating advanced MRI technology along with expert consultations. Our dedication lies in ensuring early detection, and we are devoted to providing a comprehensive and efficient pathway for men who are at risk or have a family history of prostate cancer.

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How much does an MRI scan cost?

The cost of an MRI scan varies depending on the exact type of MRI scan you require and if contrast dye is needed.

To get a cost, contact our Appointment Bookings Team today by phoning our London team on 020 7079 2102, or our Chelmsford team on 01245 801234. Alternatively, you can email using the enquiry form below.

How much does an MRI scan cost?

Book today in London or Essex

By getting a private MRI scan at our impressive diagnostics and imaging facility in London, you can be sure to receive the best possible care and outcomes. Our clinic at 9 Harley Street features a purpose built imaging centre with state-of-the-art equipment.

You can now also visit our Chelmsford site in Essex and meet with our dedicated team who provide an outstanding service to all of our patients at our MRI unit.

At both our sites, we work with some of the world’s leading radiologists who will be there to support you and interpret your results quickly and efficiently.

It’s completely understandable that you might be nervous to come in for your scan, but our beautiful, calm surroundings and highly experienced team will be sure to put you at ease.

Book today in London or Essex

Why choose us?

Expert Consultant Radiologists

Quick turnaround for results

Convenient Harley Street location

Same day reporting


Is a referral from my GP necessary?

Not at all. The cost of the MRI includes a virtual GP referral. However, your GP may decide that a face-to-face referral is required, if so, there will be an additional charge. Alternatively, you can also request a face to face referral at the extra charge.

Important: In the event that you are not medically suitable for the MRI, the GP referral fee will still remain payable.

What happens during an MRI scan?

During an MRI scan, you will lie on a flat bed that slides inside the cylindrical scanner. In some cases, a frame is placed over the area of the body being scanned, which can help produce a better quality image. It is important to remain very still while in the scanner, to ensure the images produced are clear.

The scanner is operated by a Radiographer who controls the scanner via a computer in a separate room. They will be able to talk to you through an intercom.

An MRI scan can be very noisy, so you will be given earplugs or headphones to make the experience more comfortable.

How will I get my results?

Your scan will need to be interpreted by a Radiologist, who will send your referrer a personalised health report with your results, which will be discussed in a follow-up appointment. This may take up to a week.

Is an MRI scan suitable for me?

Most people are suitable to have an MRI scan. However, you should let the radiologist know if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have any metal in your body (e.g. pacemaker, knee replacement, dental filling)
  • Have had allergic reactions to a contrast agent previously
  • Have any known kidney problems

You may still be able to be safely scanned with an MRI if you have any of the above, but it is best to let a medical specialist aware so that they can decide on the best course of action for your specific case.

Is an MRI scan safe?

Yes, an MRI scan is safe and painless. There is no evidence to suggest that magnetic fields or radio waves are associated with any risk to the body. Unlike CT scans, they involve no exposure to radiation.

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Please note a referral from your GP is not necessary, the cost of the MRI includes a virtual GP referral. However, your GP may decide that a face-to-face referral is required, if so, there will be an additional charge. Alternatively, you can also request a face to face referral at the extra charge.

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