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Phoenix Hospital Group provides exceptional patient centred care through its state-of-the-art medical facilities, three of which are located within the Harley Street Medical Precinct in Central London and one of which is located in Chelmsford, Essex.

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We work with consultants and referrers to provide excellent patient care through our growing portfolio of services and locations.

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The History of Phoenix Hospital Group

Phoenix Hospital Group is established
9 Harley Street opens
Weymouth Street Hospital opens and management contract BMI healthcare commenced.
Weymouth Street Hospital undergoes enlargement of two operating theatres
BMI management contract ceased
New state of the art CT scanner installed at 9 Harley Street
25 Harley Street acquired
Work to expand Weymouth Street Hospital commenced
New MRI installed at 9 Harley Street
Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford acquired
Joined in supporting the NHS through the global pandemic
New theatre complex opened at Weymouth Street Hospital

Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be one of the leading independent providers of healthcare; working in partnership with our medical professionals and patients, we offer individual and personal care. We make sure they feel 100% reassured, special and unique at every stage. We work in partnership with our doctors and medical teams to provide the care the doctors would choose for themselves, treating all of our patients with compassion and kindness.

Statement of Purpose

At Phoenix Hospital Group we strive to safely deliver a premium and innovative healthcare service adhering to the very highest standards of quality care and clinical excellence. We do this whilst preserving the rights and dignity of our patients, giving our employees the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

We achieve this by:

  • Enhancing the reputation of the company as a centre of excellence through successful partnership with our key stakeholders.
  • Continually assessing our facility and service provision to enable us to deliver up-to the minute healthcare, for the benefit of the patients, medical staff and employees.

We aim to make a difference in care to patients by:

  • Provision of facilities that ensure medical and clinical professional staff have the technology and support required.
  • Staff are committed to taking pride in caring for patients and for each other.
  • A commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.
  • Responding efficiently to calls for improvement.
  • Establishing the belief and practice that clinical and non-clinical quality improvements should be towards safe evidence based standards, which allow us to monitor and measure our outcomes.

Handpicked Consultants

We understand that when it comes to choosing a consultant it can be extremely confusing with endless choices. At Phoenix Hospital Group, we help narrow down that choice by hand-picking only the finest consultants to care for our patients. This means you can be confident you are in the best possible hands throughout your care at Phoenix.

Clinical Excellence

Seeing patient satisfaction, whether reflected in statistics or in their feedback, gives us great satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

We understand that excellent care means going beyond technology and expertise, and is about focusing on individual patients’ needs . We appreciate that each journey is unique, and we are glad to have a positive impact in our patients’ experience, no matter how small it may be. We continually upgrade our state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our consultants always have access to the best possible facilities for treatment. We have a team of world-leading consultants across a range of specialties, most of whom hold or have held substantive consultancy posts within NHS teaching hospitals.

We aim to be at the forefront of private medical excellence and to have led the way in a number of medical specialties. The priority of our nursing team is to ensure that all patients are cared for in a way that is safe, effective and efficient. The aim is to provide excellent care, meeting the needs of each patient and ensuring and maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction.

We are also a learning organisation and support continual staff education and development, monitoring performance, listening to feedback from patients and service users and responding and improving when incidents occur or concerns are raised.

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