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Paying for your care

At Phoenix Hospital Group we welcome both self-funding, insured and embassy patients.

Self pay

Phoenix Hospital Group offers you the ability to avoid lengthy waiting lists or expensive insurance premiums and access treatment quickly and efficiently if you choose to self fund your treatment with us.

We are pleased to offer Finance schemes where prices are all-inclusive, so you can be confident that there will be no hidden fees and that your fixed price packages covers the complete care pathway from beginning to end.


Phoenix Hospital Group work with all the major insurance companies.

If you have private medical insurance, we advise you to confirm with your insurer that your tests, consultations and treatment  is covered and obtain the necessary authorisation before making an appointment. When attending one of our outpatient centers, please ensure to bring all your insurance details with you.

For inpatient procedures at either Weymouth Street Hospital or Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford,  your medical insurer will pay your consultant surgeon and anesthetist fees directly. Please note your policy may not cover all of your care and any outstanding charges will need to be settled before departure or will be charged to your credit card where final costs are not available on discharge.

Embassy sponsorship

Phoenix Hospital Group has excellent relationships with a number of embassies in the London area.

Before any outpatient or inpatient treatment can occur, you will need to produce a letter of guarantee from your embassy. The letter must clearly state that the embassy agrees to cover the total cost of your care and highlight any exclusions to full payment.

Any outstanding charges not covered by your embassy , will need to be settled before your departure or will be charged to your credit card.

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