Well Woman Health Check

Get a complete understanding of your health and address health problems early, with our Well Woman Health Check.

Comprehensive Health Check-Up for Women

Our Well Woman Health Check is designed especially for women and gives you the opportunity to discuss any specific women’s health concerns with an experienced female health screening doctor. Our tailored blood and urine tests will provide you with an indication of your overall health, but also checks for hormone imbalance, early signs of ovarian cancer, Vitamin D deficiency, causes of fatigue, diabetes, risk of heart disease and much more.

Our Well Woman screenings are available in the heart of London at our clinic in the renowned Harley Street area. You can also arrange a well woman screening at our exceptional Chelmsford hospital in Essex. You’ll start by having an in-depth,  consultation with a female health screening doctor, followed by an appointment with a nurse.

Following your appointment, you’ll receive a detailed report, written by your health screening doctor. This will explain your test results and provide you with a complete understanding of your health, so you can address any health issues before they become a problem. If any serious medical issues are found, your health screening doctor will ensure you are quickly referred to a specialist.

The cost of our Well Women Health Check is £495. The test may not be suitable for younger women, and our doctor will advise on whether this is the right test for you based on your individual circumstances.


What does the Health Check test for?

Our Well Woman Health Check screens for the following:

GYNAECOLOGY CHECK Your opportunity to discuss specific female health issues, such as menstrual problems, fertility, pelvic pain, menopause or sexual health with a female doctor. A test for ovarian cancer is included.

BREAST CHECK Your doctor will check your breasts but also show you how to be breast aware.

ANAEMIA CHECK You will be tested for signs of anaemia (cause of fatigue) and your ability to fight infection, so you can have the energy to live life to the full.

DIABETES CHECK You will be checked for early signs of diabetes and advised on nutrition and lifestyle changes if required.

BONE HEALTH CHECK Your calcium levels will be tested to analyse the health of your bones and teeth.

HEART CHECK Your cholesterol level and your risk of developing heart disease will be checked.

THYROID CHECK A thyroid check will identify if you have an under-active or over-active thyroid and allow it to be treated early.

VITAMIN CHECK Your Vitamin D levels will be checked to identify any deficiencies so they can be rectified.

LIVER & KIDNEY CHECK Your liver and kidney function will be assessed and signs of disease detected.

BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK You will be assessed for high/low blood pressure, to ensure you are within the correct range.

What's included?

Specialist Health Screening Doctor Consultation

Personal 45 minute consultation with a specialist health screening doctor 

General health examination

Detailed discussion of lifestyle and risk factors

Previous medical and health screening history

Discussion of any health concerns

Family history

Physical breast examination


Health tests and checks

Blood pressure check

Body Mass Index

Comprehensive blood tests (see below for details)

Screening report

A comprehensive health screening report detailing your results

Speedy onward referrals if required

Prescription for medication if needed

Blood and urine tests

Full blood count – Gives a good indication of your overall health. Can detect signs of inflammation or infection, iron or B12 anaemia and clotting disorders.

Urinalysis – Checks for signs of urine infection.

Liver function – Checks how well the liver is functioning and tells us whether there is any inflammation or damage to the inside of the liver.

HbA1c – A diabetes screen.

C-reactive protein – Checks for inflammation or infection in your body.

Urea and Electrolyes – Kidney function tests.

Thyroid Function tests – checks for thyroid disorders including underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

Lipid profile – Checks for cholesterol levels and signs of heart disease.

Calcium – Important for healthy bones and teeth. Calcium helps your nerves, muscles and heart function properly.

Uric acid – Checks for gout and kidney stones.

Glucose – Checks for Type II Diabetes.

Iron – Checks for conditions like anaemia and iron overload.

Ferritin – Checks for iron-deficiency and therefore anaemia, inflammatory conditions or liver disease. 

Vitamin D – Checks for any bone disorders.

CA-125 – Checks for Ovarian cancer.

Why get a Well Woman Health Screen?

Our Well Women Health Check gives you a complete understanding of your health, enabling you to address health issues early, stay well and live life to the full.

  • Early detection of health issues: Detecting potential health issues early on makes them more treatable.
  • Personalised recommendations for maintaining good health: This can include advice on lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, as well as guidance on preventative measures to optimise your future health.
  • Improved quality of life: Addressing potential health issues early on can improve your quality of life by preventing or managing health conditions.
  • Peace of mind: By confirming that everything is normal and healthy, or identifying any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Fast and accurate results: We pride ourselves on the speed of our turnaround time as well as our accuracy in reporting your results.
Why get a Well Woman Health Screen?

Optional Additional Tests

Depending on your age, individual health concerns, you may wish to add one or more of the following optional add-on tests* which you can arrange when you make your appointment:

  • Under 50: Breast ultrasound
  • Over 50: Mammogram
  • Smear test (HPV)
  • Female hormone mini check (if required and for a discounted price of £50)

*Please note that these will involve an additional cost.

Optional Additional Tests

Gift voucher available for this health screening

Phoenix Hospital Group are thrilled to share our exclusive Health Screening vouchers, specifically designed for the perfect present for your nearest and dearest.

You can request to purchase a voucher for this health screening or any of our other health screenings across our website.

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Gift voucher available for this health screening

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