Private Testicular Cancer Screening

Our private testicular cancer screening includes a ultrasound scan with a leading Consultant Radiologist to look for any early signs of testicular cancer. Early detection provides the best chance of effective treatment.

Who is it for?

Our testicular cancer screening service is designed for men under the age of 40 who are looking for some peace of mind, or who have noticed changes in their scrotum and want to get checked.

Some symptoms of testicular cancer include:

  • New lumps or bumps
  • Swelling
  • Pain or discomfort in the testicle
  • Aching pain in the lower abdomen
  • Numbness in the testicle

If you are experiencing any of the above and are between the ages of 18-40, you should get checked for testicular cancer. Our private testicular cancer screening service provides an easy and efficient pathway, giving you reassurance quickly and accurately. 


Testicular cancer screening benefits

With any cancer, it is important to pick up signs early on to ensure the best chance of effective treatment. This is especially true for testicular cancer as, if detected early, it has the best cure rates of any cancer.

Key benefits of our testicular cancer screening service include:

  • Your appointment will be with Consultant Radiologist Dr Paul Crowe (left), who is a leading expert in testicular scanning.
  • Dr Crowe will explain to you what he is seeing whilst conducting the scan and inform you of the results immediately following the scan. You will also receive a comprehensive written report a few days later.
  • If any abnormalities are picked up, Dr Crowe will be able to explain what the possible causes are (often not cancer) and quickly refer you to one of our expert urologists for further investigation and treatment.
Testicular cancer screening benefits

How is testicular cancer screening done?

Our testicular cancer screening service is carried out via an ultrasound scan that looks for any lumps, lesions or other signs of cancer.

An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. A gel will be applied to the scrotum to help the ultrasound probe move smoothly over the skin. Your Consultant Radiologist will report on the findings of the ultrasound scan in real time and talk you through what he is seeing whilst he conducts the scan. He will also provide you with a written report following the scan, which will summarise the findings. 

There is little preparation required for a testicular ultrasound. You will not need to avoid eating or drinking, but you may wish to wear something loose and easy to remove, as you will be asked to take off any clothing below the waist. You will also need to stay as still as possible during the exam for the best results. The whole procedure should not take more than 30 minutes.  


How is testicular cancer diagnosed?

Your consultant will immediately be able to tell you if anything unusual is detected during your testicular ultrasound scan.  If any lumps or areas for concern are detected, it’s very likely that these won’t be cancerous. You will be referred to a Consultant Urologist, who will be able to undertake further tests to establish whether or not these are signs of testicular cancer. If necessary, lumps can be removed via minor surgery.

In most cases, nothing out of the ordinary is picked up, and you will be able to leave the clinic feeling reassured. 


How is testicular cancer diagnosed?

Testicular cancer screening at 9 Harley Street

Your scan will take place at 9 Harley Street. This is a renowned centre for diagnostics and imaging located in central London that specialises in health and preventative cancer screening. With a team of highly experienced in-house radiographers, access to the latest scanning equipment, and some of the world’s leading radiologists here to interpret your results, there is no better place to come for some peace of mind.

Testicular cancer screening at 9 Harley Street

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