Private Prostate Cancer Screening

Private Prostate Cancer Screening in Central London for those with a family history or concerns about prostate cancer. Led by an expert urologist, we provide fast and accurate diagnosis and results.

Private Prostate Cancer Scan on Harley Street

This is a urologist-led service including two consultations with an expert Consultant Urologist at 9 Harley Street. Regular PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood tests miss up to 20% of prostate cancer cases and therefore a physical examination and digital rectal examination (DRE) are crucial in spotting signs of cancer that might otherwise be missed.

Patients can self-refer for this service, eliminating the need for repeat tests by a GP. Although prostate cancer is a relatively slow-growing cancer, getting fast and accurate results can help put your mind at ease, and allow for early and effective treatment if anything is detected.


Who is it for?

Our prostate cancer screening service is designed for men concerned about prostate cancer who would like to get checked for some peace of mind. You may have family or friends who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and want to get checked yourself.

In the UK, there is no publicly funded prostate cancer screening programme for prostate cancer for men. Therefore, if you have concerns and would like to get checked, the best option for prostate cancer screening is through a private healthcare provider.

Who is it for?

How is prostate cancer screening done?

Our prostate cancer screening service consists of two consultations with a Consultant Urologist, and several tests.

First consultation:

In your first consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your consultant. You will also undertake a physical exam, digital rectal examination (DRE) and provide blood and urine samples.

Second consultation:

In your second consultation, your consultant will discuss your results. If your cancer risk is determined to be high, a third appointment will be organised for an MRI scan. If anything is detected on the MRI, there would be a further discussion and possible biopsy.


How much does a private prostate cancer check cost?

The price for our prostate cancer screening is £650. This includes:

  • Two consultations with a leading Consultant Urologist
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Physical DRE examination

Our Expert Consultant Urologist

Mr Keng Ng

Mr Keng Ng received his training at The Institute of Urology, London as a Clinical Research Fellow where he focused his research on bladder dysfunction and urodynamics.  He later gained his clinical and operating skills as a Senior Registrar based at St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

His areas of specialty include prostate cancer, prostatitis, and pelvic pain.

Our Expert Consultant Urologist

What Our Patients Say

Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to providing exceptional clinical care to all patients. We are extremely proud of the service we provide.
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How to book an appointment

If you would like to book a prostate cancer check up, you can call 0207 079 2100. You can reach our Bookings Team on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

Alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the team will get in touch to answer your query and get you booked in. Please provide as much detail as possible about your symptoms and concerns.


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