Employee Health Screening Package

We offer employers the opportunity to reduce absenteeism and productivity decline in the workplace, and to invest in their employees' long term health and wellbeing with a fully tailored and personalised Health Screening package.

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What does an Employee Health Screening include?

This bespoke service provides company executives with a full body health MOT and identifies any undiagnosed health issues such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes, which can be addressed at an early stage. Some examples of what you may wish to cover include:

  • Heart health: checking key areas to determine risk of heart disease
  • Cancer screening: we offer screening for prostate, bowel and breast cancer, as well as advanced cancer screening technology that can detect difficult to diagnose cancers such as pancreas, renal and liver cancer
  • Hormone imbalance test: tests for thyroid function, testosterone levels and diabetes
  • Blood tests: we offer a wide variety of blood tests, including those for liver function, cholesterol and iron deficiency

You will have an initial consultation with a doctor, and any subsequent blood tests and scans all take place at our prestigious Heath Screening Centre at 9 Harley Street. This means executive time spent out of the office is kept to a minimum, as all tests are completed under one roof, and with minimum waiting time in between scans and tests.

What does an Employee Health Screening include?

Benefits of Employee Health Screening

  • Mutually beneficial for employers and their employees
  • Healthy work forces take fewer sick days, resulting in financial benefits for the company
  • Boosts staff morale and confidence in their employer
  • Help to foster a healthy and productive work environment
  • Bespoke health screening package that is tailored to the requirements of your individual company and its employees
Benefits of Employee Health Screening

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