Employee Health Screening Package

Our Employee Health Screening Package offers employers the opportunity to reduce absenteeism and productivity decline in the workplace, and to invest in their employees' long term health and wellbeing.

Virtual appointments

GMC registered

Same day appointments

Benefits of Employee Health Screening

  • Mutually beneficial for employers and their employees
  • Healthy work forces take fewer sick days, resulting in financial benefits for the company
  • Same day appointments and results provided within 5 working days
  • Boosts staff morale and confidence in their employer
  • Help to foster a healthy and productive work environment
  • Tailored to the requirements of your individual company and employees
  • Ongoing screening allows for the needs of new and existing employees to be met, maintaining the good health and wellbeing of the whole staff population
Benefits of Employee Health Screening

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Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to providing exceptional clinical care to all patients. We are extremely proud of the service we provide.
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