Private Testicular Ultrasound Scan

Testicular Ultrasound Scan Service for the diagnosis of testicular cancer and other testicular symptoms, providing quick and accurate results on the same day.

Testicular Ultrasound Scan on Harley Street

Men who have brothers or fathers who have had testicular cancer are at significantly greater risk of also developing it than those with no family history. Additionally, those who have been previously diagnosed with cancer in the one testicle, are 12-18 times more likely to develop it in the other,

It is also the most common cancer among men age 20-35, so it is important to have a testicular cancer screening which will ensure early detection provides the best chance of effective treatment.

Our testicular ultrasound is also ideal for men experiencing any kind of testicular symptoms, such as pain or discomfort, to find out the cause and establish whether any treatment is needed.


Who is it for?

Our testicular ultrasound service is for those who have any concerns or testicular symptoms. Signs or symptoms may include:

  • Lump or swelling
  • Testicular pain or discomfort
  • One testicle looks different to the other

It is also recommended for those with a family history of testicular cancer, as this can increase your risk.

You may have a GP referral, but the service is also suitable for self-referral. If you would like to see a GP first, we are happy to book an appointment for you.

Who is it for?

What does it look for?

The scan will look for:

  • Tumours and cysts
  • Injuries
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Scrotal hernias
  • Varicose veins
  • Testicular torsion
  • Varicose veins (varicocele)
  • Fluid accumulation around the testicle (hydrocele)

Lumps are often benign and non-cancerous, most commonly due to epididymal cysts, and may not require any treatment.

What does it look for?

What to expect from the scan

Your ultrasound scan will take place in our imaging centre at 9 Harley Street. There is no preparation necessary and the procedure is non-invasive, but you may be asked to change into a hospital gown.

Our specialist uroradiologist, Dr Paul Crowe, will discuss the results in real time as the scan takes place, meaning there is no wait time for your results.

If any abnormality is found, we would refer you for further tests with a relevant specialist here at Phoenix Hospital Group.

What to expect from the scan

How much does a testicular ultrasound cost?

The total cost of our Testicular Ultrasound package is £339. This includes your ultrasound scan appointment with Dr Paul Crowe and follow-up report.

Dr Crowe will provide you with real-time results by discussing with you what he is seeing as he conducts your scan. He will also provide you with a report that will summarise everything in writing. If any follow-up appointments or tests are required you will be referred to relevant specialists for further investigation or treatment.


Dr Paul Crowe

Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Paul Crowe is a highly experienced Consultant Interventional Radiologist with an NHS base in Birmingham and private practices in Birmingham and London. He has special interests in vascular and urological radiology, interventional MRI and uterine artery embolisation for fibroids. He undertakes ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning as well as a wide range of minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures.

Dr Paul Crowe

Testicular Ultrasound Scan on Harley Street

Your testicular ultrasound scan will take place within our world class imaging centre at 9 Harley Street. We are proud to work with a skilled and experienced radiography team as well as leading specialist consultant radiologists such as Dr Paul Crowe.

Located conveniently in Marylebone, central London, 9 Harley Street is a short distance from our other outpatient centre at 25 Harley Street, and our inpatient hospital on Weymouth Street. With the highest standards of patient care, and based within a centre of medical excellence, you can feel reassured that you will be in the best hands.

Testicular Ultrasound Scan on Harley Street

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