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Early pregnancy scan

An early pregnancy scan is a way of checking the baby's development while it's inside of the womb.

What is early pregnancy scanning?

An early pregnancy scan can help show the health of a baby in the womb through images, looking for a heartbeat and viewing the general health of the fetus.

We know that early pregnancy can be a worrying time therefore we are more than happy to help the process and carry out scans to alleviate anxiety. We also perform dating scans to accurately show how many weeks pregnant you are.

Symptoms such as pain and bleeding are very common within early pregnancy. An ultrasound scan provides the peace of mind needed to enjoy the pregnancy alleviating potential issues with the pregnancy, miscarriage or rare ectopic pregnancy.

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What scans do you offer?

Scans are performed in a dimly lit room ensuring the sonographer is able to gain the best images possible of the baby. The scan requires you to lay flat on your back with ultrasound gel on your tummy ensuring good contact between the machine and your skin.

A probe is brushed along the skin allowing images of the ultrasound scan to show on the screen. The sonographer can examine the baby’s body checking the health of the baby.

The first scan is called the dating scan and can estimate the due date of the baby based on measurements of the baby. This is performed 10-14 weeks into pregnancy.

The second scan is to check the physical condition of the baby and is performed between 18 -21 weeks of the pregnancy.

A scan usually takes around 30 minutes, ensuring that clear images of the baby are captured.

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