Early pregnancy scan

An early pregnancy scan is a general check for patients who would like peace of mind that all is well with the foetus.

What is early pregnancy scanning?

An early pregnancy scan is purely to check for a heartbeat of the foetus in the womb and ensure that the foetus is in the correct place. This scan does not determine the gender or any health issues that the foetus may have these are in the later scans.

We know that early pregnancy can be a worrying time and an early scan can really help the process and alleviate anxiety of the process.

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What to expect on the day?

Scans during early pregnancy are carried out transvaginally and do not involve putting a probe on the abdomen. Most early pregnancy scans occur at 7-9 weeks, but women can present anything from 5-12 weeks. An early pregnancy scan usually takes around 15 minutes to complete.

A transvaginal scan uses sound waves to bounce off of internal organs to produce pictures on the monitor.

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