Private Dementia Assessment

Experience private dementia assessments and personalised management plans at the Memory and Brain Clinic on Harley Street. Led by Dr. Singhai, our expert team provides diagnosis and treatments for improved cognitive health and quality of life.

Private Dementia Assessment | Phoenix Hospital Group

At the Memory and Brain Clinic located on 25 Harley Street, our comprehensive dementia assessment process begins with an initial appointment conducted by Dr. Singhai. During this assessment, Dr. Singhai collects a detailed clinical history, including input from the family, and performs a relevant physical examination.

The next step involves an in-depth cognitive assessment that evaluates various domains of cognitive function such as memory, language, visuospatial skills, and attention/concentration. Most patients choose to schedule these two appointments consecutively on the same day for a streamlined assessment process.


Who carries out a dementia assessment?

Dr. Singhai is a cognitive expert and Dementia specialist, who works alongside a team of leading experts in their respective fields.

Dr. Singhai takes a holistic approach to the assessment, considering not only the medical aspects but also the family’s perspective. The clinic’s dedicated team ensures that you receive thorough and personalised care throughout the assessment process.

Who carries out a dementia assessment?

Dementia diagnosis and treatment

Following the initial assessments, we perform a cognitive blood panel to identify any reversible cognitive problems, such as vitamin deficiencies or underlying thyroid issues. This comprehensive blood test panel allows us to identify treatable causes and initiate appropriate treatments.

An additional investigation is a structural brain MRI. This visually examines the brain, allowing for the detection of shrinkage in specific areas associated with dementia. Our dedicated and expert neuroradiologist provides detailed reports based on the brain MRI results.

After the initial assessments, blood tests, and brain MRI, a dedicated follow-up consultation is scheduled. During this consultation, Dr. Singhai discusses the findings of the assessments and investigations, as well as the most likely diagnosis. Together with the patient and their family, a detailed and personalised management plan is created to optimise symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life. This plan may involve starting medications to address cognitive symptoms and providing guidance on appropriate brain health strategies to slow down symptom progression.

Private dementia assessment on Harley Street

Your private dementia assessment will take place at 25 Harley Street, a private outpatient centre providing world class healthcare in central London. Your follow-up consultation can be conducted either at our clinic or remotely through virtual appointments, depending on your preference and requirements. It can also be carried out the same day if needed.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with experts in cognitive nutrition, sleep specialists, and clinical psychologists to provide detailed advice and strategies tailored to optimize cognitive health and slow down symptom progression, ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

Private dementia assessment on Harley Street

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