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Do you have a child suffering from some kind of skin condition? Have treatments from the GP failed to help? If so, it may be worth booking an appointment with a specialist paediatric dermatologist.

Our paediatric dermatologists are specially trained in caring for children, and have many years of experience treating skin conditions in young people and adults.

What is paediatric dermatology?

Paediatric dermatology is a branch of medicine involving the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in children. Paediatric dermatologists are specialist doctors who can treat a wide variety of skin conditions such as acne, rashes, eczema and warts. 

While children can develop similar skin conditions to adults, children can experience these differently. For example, a child with acne may experience more emotional distress as a result. Paediatric dermatologists are specially trained to make dermatological care for children as comfortable and non-frightening as possible.


Common paediatric skin conditions

The most common skin conditions that we see in young patients are:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Childhood rashes
  • Moles and birthmarks

However, there may be many more conditions that your child is struggling with such as warts, allergies, and vitiligo. If you are concerned about your child’s skin in any way and would like to see a specialist, we can help.

Common paediatric skin conditions

Paediatric dermatology services we offer

Treatment for dermatological conditions depends on the condition and the individual child. Generally, our paediatric dermatologists take a holistic approach to managing skin conditions. They will want to understand your child’s medical history to establish the cause, and know about the impact of the condition on their confidence and mental health. 

They will also try to use the least invasive, most child-friendly approach to treatment. Possible treatments for the most common conditions we see include:


With acne, there tends to be a ladder of treatment and the right one for your child will depend on their individual health and how severe their acne is. Initially they may be treated with prescription creams or a specific skincare routine. If the acne doesn’t respond to these, your child may be prescribed oral treatments such as antibiotics or roaccutane for more severe acne.


With rashes, your child will most likely be advised to rest and take in plenty of fluids. Depending on the severity and cause, they may be prescribed antibiotics. If something more serious is suspected, we can refer them to inpatient care.

Moles and birthmarks

Incidents of skin cancer in children are extremely rare so it is unlikely that your child’s moles or birthmarks are anything to worry about. However, we can offer checking and monitoring of moles and birthmarks to give parents reassurance. This will involve taking photos of the mole or birthmark and comparing them year by year. We can also provide skincare advice about how to protect the skin from the sun.


Eczema is a very common skin condition and treatment will depend on the specific child and severity of the condition. Eczema can be treated in a number of ways including moisturisers, topical steroid creams, antibiotics and dressings. You may be advised to help your child avoid certain allergens that might be causing eczema flare-ups. 

Consultation and diagnosis

Your child’s initial consultation with a paediatric dermatologist will usually last around 30 minutes. During this time, you will be expected to stay with your child as a chaperone. 

The doctor will start by exploring your child’s medical history and listening to either the child or the parent explain what the condition is. They will then examine the skin. We encourage parents to help make this as comfortable for their children as possible, and are happy to examine the affected area while they are sitting on your lap for example. 

Following the examination, we will discuss with you the likely diagnosis and put forward a treatment plan. Your doctor will aim to arm you with a toolbox to help administer treatment for their child, providing easy to digest instructions and information leaflets about the condition. Your child may at this point be referred to a relevant specialist, for example an allergy specialist

Your doctor will arrange an appropriate time for a follow-up consultation to make sure the treatment is working, and to make any necessary adjustments.

Consultation and diagnosis

Our surgeons

Dr Justine Kluk

Specialty: Dermatology

Dr Hayley Leeman

Specialty: Dermatology

Dr Ravi Ratnavel

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Dr Lucy Thomas

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When should I take my child to see a paediatric dermatologist?

Usually, we recommend seeing a GP first, who may then recommend you get the opinion of a dermatologist. This may be because something seems unusual, the GP needs help with diagnosis, certain tests are required, or your GP has tried first line treatments that your child hasn’t responded to.

Some parents may wish to skip the wait to see an NHS dermatologist and come to us directly. 

How can I prepare for my child's appointment with a paediatric dermatologist?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind going into your child’s dermatology appointment.

The first is how to prepare your child for their upcoming appointment. Some children can feel very frightened at the idea of going to see the doctor, so it is important to let them know what will happen while reassuring them that you will be there with them the whole time.

Parents should also bear in mind that the dermatologist will want to examine the area. This may mean that your child will have to take off a piece of clothing, and we would appreciate your support in helping your child feel as comfortable as possible. 

It would also be helpful to let the secretary know of any phobias your child has to bring your child’s paediatric red book containing their immunisation history and any other relevant documents such as your GP referral letter and any test results. Be ready to discuss any allergies your child may have.

Do you treat children of all ages?

Yes, children of any age can come to see a paediatric dermatologist. Skin conditions can affect any age, and paediatric dermatologists are experienced in treating children of all ages.

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