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12th August 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

We are proud to have some of the UK’s best ear, nose and throat consultants and state of the art modern facilities with the latest diagnostic and imaging technology. We offer a “one stop shop” for all your ear, nose and throat concerns and, in most cases, are able to assess, test and diagnose your condition on the same day. We can even offer many minor procedures on the same visit making our ENT service both fast and convenient.

9 Harley Street offers unparalleled ENT care and treatment from a team of experienced consultants in the centre of London. Each of our surgeons are experts in their field, covering a range of special interests and personal areas of excellence. The Ear, Nose and Throat department are well equipped to deal with all aspects of potential ENT care, from dizziness, breathing issues or hearing difficulties.

Such is the breadth of Ear, Nose and Throat surgery that it can be confusing when searching for the care that suits your needs. Below we have outlined the core services we provide and which consultants are at hand to discuss your concerns with. If you are interested in our range of cosmetic services such as rhinoplasty, please get in touch with our cosmetic surgery specialists.

The following sub specialities give a good overview of the types of concerns we routinely deal with.


Our ears provide us with one of our most cherished senses – hearing. Our ability to hear naturally changes throughout our lives but sudden changes to our hearing can be distressing.

Our ears are delicate structures made up not just of our eardrum but of 3 delicate bones that lie behind it. It is this sensitivity that gives us such amazing clarity of hearing but also leaves our ears susceptible to damage. Hearing loss is more common than is generally thought but is still unsettling when it happens to you.

The reason can be as minor as a build-up of wax in the ear canal or something which requires more attention. In either case, our consultants have access to decades of experience and the latest ENT diagnostic and imaging tools. These allow them to reach an accurate diagnosis quickly with as little intrusion as possible.


Our nose not only gives shape to the profile of our face but contributes to normal breathing, smell and taste. Our surgeons understand the aesthetic importance of the nose and the impact disease or disorder can have on day to day life. Due to the delicate nature of the structures making up the nose, our consultant team ensure fine detail examinations and scans are carried out prior to carrying out any intervention.

Covering both medical and surgical concerns, our ENT team seek to restore normal form and function using the latest understanding of rhinology. For those seeking aesthetic reshaping or reconstruction, one of our consultant rhinologists will review your needs and expectations in an initial meeting. There we can outline which procedure would be best suited for you and your appearance.


Our throat enables our speech and ability to eat, as well as impacting on our ability to breathe and sleep soundly. Problems with this area can range from irritating to debilitating, arising from a whole host of sources from professional voice issues to chronic coughs and cancer.

Throat problems can occur at any age, with repeat infections common amongst both children and adults. If you or a loved one suffer with frequent tonsillitis, one of our throat surgery experts can remove the offending tissue and prevent reinfection.

For patients with voice hoarseness, weakness or other associated concerns we are able to offer endoscopy as listed below. Endoscopic procedures give our surgeons the ability to directly visualise the vocal cords and surrounding areas, giving insight into the best next steps for treatment.

We encourage anyone with chronic, long lasting symptoms of cough, change in voice or their ability to swallow to book an urgent appointment to be reviewed by one of our experienced ENT consultants.

Our team of ENT consultants provide expert care for each one of their patients. Understanding the distressing nature of many ENT concerns, they provide an efficient service that provides treatment and relief to patients in a timely manner. To aid in this goal, same day diagnostic imaging is at hand to expedite treatment plans formulated by your consultant.

Common ENT conditions we consult on:

The Ear

  • Hearing loss
  • Infections & discharge
  • Tinnitus
  • Wax
  • Issues with balance
  • Inner and outer ear pain
  • Meniere’s disease

The Nose

  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Recurrent nosebleeds
  • Infection & discharge
  • Trauma & deformity
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis

The Throat

  • Tonsillitis
  • Voice changes and loss
  • Changes and weakness in swallowing
  • Throat pain
  • Snoring
  • Reflux

Common Services


If you are interested in meeting one of our experienced consultants to discuss further contact us.