Paediatric Podiatrist

From ingrown toenails to flat feet, our expert paediatric podiatrists are highly experienced in providing the highest standards of podiatric healthcare for children.

What does a paediatric podiatrist do?

A paediatric podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot or walking problems in children. From ingrown toenails to sports injuries, we provide comprehensive evaluations and personalised treatment plans tailored to meet your child’s needs. 

At Phoenix Hospital Group, we work with a number of specialist paediatric podiatrists who are highly experienced in treating children with foot conditions. They will be able to guide you through the whole process, and you can be sure to receive the highest level of care for your child. 


When to take your child to a podiatrist

You should consider taking your child to see a podiatrist if they are experiencing any pain or other symptoms related to their feet. Signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • Curly toes
  • Flat feet (particularly if they are painful)
  • Heel or arch pain
  • Ingrown toenails or other toenail problems
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Frequent tripping over
  • Foreign objects stuck in the feet
  • Walking problems and coordination difficulties
  • Footwear fitting difficulties

You may also benefit from a consultation with a paediatric podiatrist if your child is experiencing walking or coordination issues related to dyspraxia or hypermobility.

When to take your child to a podiatrist

What to expect from your child’s consultation

Please bring a range of your child’s footwear and any existing insoles to your child’s consultation. 

During the consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire detailing your child’s symptoms and medical history. The podiatrist will also ask questions about their developmental history to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs. They may need to physically examine your child; this will focus on the lower limbs from the knees down, so you may wish to prepare them for this.  

Seeking podiatry services for your child can significantly improve their quality of life by addressing foot and walking problems early on. Our paediatric podiatrist is dedicated to providing expert care and tailored solutions to ensure your child’s feet develop healthily and comfortably through their formative years.

Our paediatric podiatrists

Mr Trevor Prior

Specialty: Podiatry

Mr Deepak Pabari

Specialty: Podiatric Surgery (Podiatry)

Mrs Suzy Speirs

Specialty: Podiatry

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