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A persistent cough is a cough that lasts 8 weeks or longer. It is an important clinical problem which is often highly distressing for patients and those close to them.


Why choose our Persistent Cough Clinic?

Our specialist Chest Physician Dr Bryan Sheinman set up a dedicated Persistent Cough Clinic diagnosing and addressing patient concerns about persistent cough. Dr Sheinman specialises in providing non-operative diagnosis of chest disorders, persistent cough and asthma.

We take a thorough clinical history and ask patients to complete research validated questionnaires to ensure that we are pointed in the right direction. All patients require an up-to-date chest x-ray and may need a CT scan, lung function test or other investigations such as pH impedance to help reach a firm conclusion.

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About our Persistent Cough Clinic

At our Persistent Cough Clinic, Dr Bryan Sheinman diagnoses and treats patients with persistent cough. In this video, he explains more about persistent cough, the clinic, and what patients can expect when they visit us.



What is a persistent cough?

A persistent cough is a cough that lasts for 8 weeks or longer. While coughs which produce sputum are relatively easy to diagnose, dry persistent coughs may elude diagnosis even after basic investigations have been done. Because the causes of persistent cough are generally not life threatening, often patients and doctors accept the cough as a fact of life and patients can go on coughing for a months or even years.

Most of these types of patients, however, can be helped at the Persistent Cough Clinic through consultation with specialists and the testing offered.

How are persistent coughs diagnosed?

When a patient first visits our clinic, a Consultant Chest Physician will take a complete history. The main priority is to rule out serious conditions such as diseases of the lung structure or lung cancer. If no serious cause is discovered, the doctor will proceed to eliminate the most common causes of persistent cough. Sometimes more than one cause can be identified.

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