What are the benefits of seeing a Private GP?

17th November 2022 By Phoenix Hospital Group

GP waiting times are getting longer, which means that essential investigations are delayed and that the time period between noticing symptoms, having an examination, investigations, diagnosis and treatment can be counted in months – even years.

A private GP practice can offer a level of flexibility and speed of service that is not usually possible with conventional NHS GP services. We can also offer longer appointments, meaning we have more time to really listen to any concerns, understand and make effective management plans. It also means that our appointment times are more accurate – with that little bit extra personal time we know we’ll get to our patients as promised.

In addition, a private GP who works from a diverse private hospital group has immediate access to investigations and treatments, often with no waiting time at all. With those close links to a multi-disciplinary health and hospital group, a private GP has the benefit of a collaborative team, in-house referrals, timely and accurate medical imaging and investigations services, and specialist interventions.

What can a private GP do for you?

Our GP services include check-ups and reports for private, travel, or life insurance, and essential medical checks for taxi or other professional drivers.

Phoenix Hospital’s private GP services in Essex are closely allied with other healthcare professionals, specialists and consultants within our group. In-house referrals to our other services, including medical imaging and treatment packages, mean that you can expect a seamless, streamlined service and important continuity of care.

A private GP has the benefit of more choice over who you see, with some of our experienced general practitioners taking a special interest in certain conditions. We can provide bespoke routine health checks, such as our well man or well woman clinics tailored to your specific health risks and needs as an individual.

Why choose a private GP?

When people choose a private GP consultation, the main driving factor we hear again and again is time.

With private GP services, waiting lists are significantly shorter, which is incredibly important – whether it’s a routine appointment for a chronic condition, or an acute, new or urgent condition, waiting weeks to be seen is unacceptable. With waiting lists as long as they are, appointment times are getting squeezed.

It’s not fair for a sick, worried person to have to summarise their background and what might be a sensitive and complex set of symptoms in only a few minutes.

It’s not fair for a GP to be expected to assess, investigate, refer, diagnose and treat a potentially serious condition in a ten-minute appointment. No one benefits from long waiting times, short assessment times, and unreasonable delays to investigations and treatment.

Private GP services offer longer appointment times and shorter waiting times. They offer more choice over who, when, and how their patients can see them. Our private GPs have years of experience and work in the most state-of-the-art facilities to provide a truly individualised, caring and efficient service.


To book an appointment with one of our GP’s call us on 01245 801234 or email bookings@phoenixhospitalchelmsford.com.