Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomastia London

28th May 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

What is Gynaecomastia?

As gynaecomastia (or “man boobs”) becomes an increasing problem, the demand for male breast reduction surgery increases. Whether due to low fitness resulting from hectic lifestyles, a side effect from medication or a condition present from early life, male gynaecomastia is affecting men at a younger and younger age.

Gynaecomastia is defined as abnormal breast development. It can lead to self-esteem issues, problems finding well-fitting clothes and concerns over how one presents in a personal or professional environment.

At Phoenix Hospital Group, we understand the psychological strain that men can experience with this condition. Our specialist consultant team strive to deliver the best male breast reduction in London. We provide consistently excellent results using the latest technology available.

Performed by surgeons with decades of experience, our surgical techniques have been refined over the years to give patients an aesthetic change that promotes both self-confidence and happiness in body image.

What type of male breast reduction surgery will I have?

Both male and female breasts are made up of a combination of fatty and glandular tissue. Men seeking breast reduction surgery tend to have an excess of fat. In this case we can offer minimally invasive liposuction.

Liposuction involves two small, discrete incisions which will leave small scars on the chest that fade with time. For those requiring removal of glandular tissue, an incision can be made around the areola to access and remove the excess tissue. Our cosmetic surgeons reform the chest in the optimal shape for your body.

The decision on the best type of procedure for you will be discussed at an initial consultation with your consultant. Careful examination will guide which surgical reduction is likely to achieve the best results. You will be advised on the likely outcome of your upcoming surgery.

The day of your breast reduction surgery

After your initial consultation you will be asked to attend the hospital for day case surgery. Male breast reduction surgery requires general anaesthetic.

The procedure itself usually takes around 90 minutes and you will be able to go home later in the day. Once discharged you may experience up to 48 hours of chest soreness and tightness and we recommend taking this time off work.

Recovery After Surgery

For the first two days immediately after surgery you will be required to wear a compression vest which ensures the best healing and aesthetic result possible. You will then be able to shower and remove dressings. You must continue to wear the compression vest for a few weeks as directed by your surgeon.

Over time the swelling and bruising will resolve and at the six week mark we will remove any stitches as appropriate. Gentle exercise may be carried out two weeks after surgery with increased blood flow stimulating recovery in the area.

If you are looking to return to more vigorous exercise or contact sport then a six week wait is highly recommended.

The Results of Male Breast Surgery

As with other aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries, in the days after the operation there will be some swelling and bruising as expected. While men cover quickly from Gynaecomastia procedures the last remnants of swelling may not completely resolve until six to twelve weeks after the surgery. It is after this time you will be able to appreciate the aesthetic change in your chest completely.

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