21st June 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin around your eyes Weymouth Street Hospital offers blepharoplasty in London.

Blepharoplasty, or ‘forming of the eyelids’ is a procedure which allows removal of unwanted excess skin and fat from the area surrounding the eyes. As we age the supporting structures of our skin can loosen and weaken, causing eye bags, excess wrinkling or drooping of the eyelids. Careful surgical repair can significantly improve both function and appearance with immediate results.

What is Blepharoplasty Surgery?

Commonly known by a variety of names from eyebag surgery to eyelid lift, there are a number of ways in which the skin around your eyes can be improved. Our experienced aesthetic surgeons will review your needs and expectations and guide you through the best options available for you.

Depending on your desired results, you may be eligible for either upper or lower eyelid surgery. Many of our patients find they benefit from both upper and lower lid correction, giving them a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

The Expert London Blepharoplasty Service

Our consultant team ensures each of their patients receives personalised, excellent surgical care in our central London location. Using the latest medical technology and techniques, small surgical scars are hidden along natural lines in the skin, bringing out the best possible result. Caring for hundreds of patients annually builds our expertise year on year and usually allows patients to be seen as a day case. The results speak for themselves with patients voting us their first choice London hospital.

How to Prepare for Eyebag surgery

Your consultant will review post-operative care with you in person, but it is useful to know what to expect. As with most cosmetic surgery, it is likely there will be some swelling and bruising. Good post-operative care gives your skin the best chance at healing and gives a great final appearance.

You will need to arrange transport home, as driving is not recommended immediately post-surgery. As surgery of the eyelids can agitate surrounding structures, it is not uncommon to experience drier eyes than usual for a few days.

This can easily be remedied with eye drops and should not need to be used for longer than a couple of weeks.

The Recovery Period

Once home placing a cooling pack or compress on the eye area can help promote reduction in swelling. Good healing takes time however, and we therefore encourage you to take around two weeks rest from strenuous activities.

This will reduce strain on the surgical area so that your natural recovery proceeds as quickly as possible. Your consultant will provide you with appropriate pain relief in case of any discomfort during this time. Although dependent on how strenuous your job is, we recommend returning to work around 10 to 15 days after the operation.

How long will the results of blepharoplasty last?

The shape and appearance crafted by our surgeons is permanent but all of us continue to age as we get older. Due to their anatomical position, lower eyelids inherently have more support and therefore aesthetics are maintained for many years. Depending on the quality of your skin upper eyelids may begin to show some hooding later in life.