Wisdom Tooth Removal

Issues with wisdom teeth can often lead to pain and discomfort, at our Harley Street clinics we can offer you the right services to help you with your problems.

We have highly skilled oral and maxillofacial Surgeons who have extensive experience to ensure you receive the best possible care.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Package

Whether you need a routine or emergency extraction, we will ensure that the procedure is carried out with the least pain or distress. We offer a wisdom tooth removal package which will be tailored to you by a specialist, this includes:

  • A consultation with a specialist Read more
    You will have an in depth consultation with a specialist, where you will discuss any symptoms you are experiencing and what is the best option for you.
  • An OPG scan  Read more
    An OPG scan is a scan that provides a panoramic view of your teeth and jaw. It is effective in providing information about your wisdom teeth. This scan will be off site.
  • Treatment Read more
    Your treatment depends on the problems you are experiencing and what your consultant has decided is the best route to take. Wisdom tooth removal is similar to any other tooth extraction; however, in some cases, it may be more complex as a result of the position and angle of the tooth. In most cases, the patient will receive local anaesthetic to numb the area, which allows for a quick and simple extraction of the tooth. Sedation or general anesthetic is also an option, these methods are usually used for patients who tend to be more nervous or if the extraction is anticipated to be a more complex case. Usually any stitches placed are ones which will self dissolve over a period of days.
  • A follow up appointment Read more
    You will then have a follow up appointment with your consultant to see if any further treatment is needed. 


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