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Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is a procedure performed by a radiologist using a CT scan highlighting the potential cancer, polyps or ulcers within the colon and bowel area.

What does a virtual colonoscopy scan for?

Colon and Bowel cancer is extremely common in both men and women, a virtual colonoscopy allows radiologists to find any abnormal lumps within the colon area. Alleviating any potential symptoms early on ensures that aberration within the area can be treated as soon as possible, colon and bowel cancer is considerably more treatable the earlier it is found within the body.

Virtual colonoscopy is a less invasive and disruptive examination when compared to a traditional colonoscopy. The CT scan is an alternative check of the colon, showing a more in-depth examination of the body. Whereas traditional colonoscopy may be disrupted by narrow or blocked paths within the large intestine.

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Does it scan any other areas?
How long does a scan take?
Can I eat before the scan?
Do I have to prepare for the scan?
Am I able to return to normal activities post scan?

A virtual colonoscopy specifically scans for problems within the colon, however it can also detect issues in areas around the area such as the kidneys, pancreas, liver, ovaries and spleen.

The scan takes roughly 20-30 minutes carried out by our experienced and specialist colonography radiographers.

The bowel will need to be cleansed by limiting diet to only clear liquid for a day before the procedure.

A virtual colonoscopy CT scan it requires some bowel preparation to ensure that the scan is clear and accurate. A day pre-scan, you will be required to take a strong laxative to empty the colon, ensuring that any obstructions are removed. CO2 is used to inflate the bowel which can cause a brief discomfort.

Post scan, you are able to return to day to day activities with no issues and no medicine taken. A normal diet can be resumed.

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