Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine during physical activity, it can occur at any point such as when you laugh, jump or cough.

What is the best treatment for stress urinary incontinence?

The best treatment for stress urinary incontinence is a minimally invasive procedure called Bulkamid injections. This treatment typically takes around 5-10 minutes and is performed under a local anaesthetic. No aftercare treatment is required, so you can resume normal activities straight away. The majority of patients treated with a Bulkamid injection will only require a single treatment which solves the problem for the rest of their life. Results can be seen as soon as they leave the hospital.

The procedure is carried out by Mr Ng, Consultant Urologist and is available at 9 Harley Street, London and at Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford.

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Stress urinary incontinence treatment cost


We offer an inclusive fixed price treatment package which includes:

  • Initial consultation with Mr Ng
  • Blood tests and urine tests
  • Bulkamid injection treatment
  • Two bladder scans pre and post treatment
  • Follow up consultation with Mr Ng

You will be under the care of Mr Ng, Consultant Urologist, who will have his consultations with you and perform the treatment at 9 Harley street or Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford.

What happens during a Bulkamid procedure?

  • Your first session is a standard consultation with Mr Ng to assess the cause of the leak and to rule out any infections that could be causing your incontinence, ensuring you are suitable for the procedure. During this consultation, you will be asked for a detailed medical history, and blood and urine tests will be taken.
  • Your results will be checked by Mr Ng who will then get in touch with you to arrange a procedure date.
  • On the day, you will need to empty your bladder before and after the procedure. The procedure itself only takes 5-10 minutes, and involves a local anaesthetic. There is an option for general anaesthetic if you would prefer, and you can discuss this in your initial consultation.
  • You will have a follow up appointment about 3 weeks after your procedure to ensure that it has been successful and that your bladder is emptying properly.
What happens during a Bulkamid procedure?

Mr Keng Ng

Our Bulkamid treatment specialist, Mr Ng, Consultant Urologist, is well known for carrying out Bulkamid injections, having done so since 2009. He is an international trainer in the procedure, regularly holding masterclasses for consultants to learn the precise technique required to achieve the best results. He is also Chair of the Special Interest Group of Neuro-urogynecology and Urogenital Pain, part of the International Urogynecological Association.

Mr Keng Ng

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