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Mr Parag Jaiswal


Consultant in Trauma & Orthopaedics

Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

Location: London

Professional Profile

I’ve been doctor for 18 years and have been in Orthopaedics for 14 of those! As a junior doctor on the prestigious Stanmore Training Programme, I have learnt from some of the world leaders in hip and knee surgery. After completing my dual fellowships in Calgary, Canada and Frimley, Surrey I have developed advanced skills in hip and knee surgery that have benefited my patients greatly. I am able to offer a range of implants (in hip and knee replacements) and use different materials according to a patient’s needs and requirements. This way I guarantee a truly bespoke service tailored towards the patients’ demands.

My other special area of interest lies in sports injuries and trauma. In particular, I enjoy treating sports and young adult hip problems and cartilage injuries in the knee. My recent training in Vail, USA under the tutorage of Marc Philippon, means that I am able to offer the very best and state of the art hip arthroscopy techniques to treat hip impingement and hip labral tears to patients suffering from hip and groin pain.

I have spent a great deal of time in research and was one of the first appointed academic fellows on the training programme. After completing my thesis, I have continued performing high quality research resulting in numerous prizes. This allows me to offer cutting edge treatments (if appropriate) that are not readily available. As a result of the extensive research I am continually involved in, I am well ahead of current trends in managing and hip and knee problems and have a great network of colleagues with research interest that will allow me to discuss your difficult and challenging problems and come up with innovative treatment plans. One of the research projects I led on has resulted in wholesale changes to the way patients with broken hips are managed in the state of Alberta, Canada.

I live with my wife and 2 daughters in London. Living with 3 females in the house has certainly enhanced my conflict resolution skills! I love London as it has allowed my love of theatre, eating out and passion for my local football team to flourish. Our time in Canada really drove my love for skiing and outdoor pursuits such as hiking, biking and mountain climbing (even with a 3 year old in tow). I also enjoy playing other sports such as cricket and badminton for my local club teams. So I understand the importance of getting back to the physical activities you enjoy.

Due to my Central London NHS and Private Practice, I am able to see patients at their convenience Tuesday to Friday afternoon/evenings. Please call the Hospital or my secretary to make an appointment.

Specialises In

Sports Hip Surgery
– Hip arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) for hip impingement with labral repair
– Cartilage damage in hips
– Snapping hip syndrome
– Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Sports Knee Surgery
– Knee Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) for meniscal injury including repair
– Treatment of cartilage injuries (including use of stem cells and other cartilage repair techniques)

Hip Reconstruction
– Primary (first-time) total hip replacement (THR) & Complex primary THR (where there is abnormal anatomy)
– Revision THR for failing hip replacements & Treatment of infected THR

Knee Reconstruction
– Primary Total Knee Replacement (TKR) & Complex TKR (due to abnormal anatomy or laxity in ligaments previous knee injuries)
– Revision or infected TKR

– Fixation or replacement of complex lower limb trauma (fractures around hips, knees and ankles)
– Fixation or revision of fractures around THRs and TKRs
– Treatment of wrist and forearm fractures
– Repair of tendon injuries

Professional Memberships

British Hip Society (BHS)
British Orthopaedic Association (BOA)
International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA)
British Medical Association (BOA)
General Medical Council (GMC)

What Our Patients Say

Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to providing exceptional clinical care to all patients. We are extremely proud of the service we provide.
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