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Dr Tripti Gupta

MBBS, MD(Pathology), MRCGP

General Practitioner

Specialty: General Practitioner

Location: Essex

Professional Profile

Dr Tripti Gupta is an experienced GP who is passionate about providing excellent high quality care to her patients. She completed her GP training in 2013 from East of England deanery. She gained valuable experience in various specialties including General medicine, Emergency medicine and Obstetrics Gynaecology.

Her well-structured comprehensive training followed by several years of experience of working in General Practice (Essex and Suffolk) has enabled her to develop excellent clinical and communication skills.

Dr Gupta has been commended specifically for her active listening skills by her patients and colleagues. She takes patients’ concerns on board, performs comprehensive assessment and works in partnership with them to provide the personalised care tailored to their needs.

She has worked primarily in patient-focused roles dealing with a wide range of clinical conditions. She uses her considerable knowledge of general practice to review and examine patients to establish any underlying medical disorders and prescribe treatments or refer for further specialist opinion where needed.

She has a firm belief in health promotion and disease prevention. She works along with patients to help prevent the onset of disease, delay age related decline in health and improve the overall health quality.

Dr Gupta has keen interest in lifestyle medicine and believes in a holistic approach (lifestyle, nutritional, medical, and environmental) to address her patients health concerns and needs. She is also deeply interested in perimenopausal and menopausal health and is always ready to provide the support women need in their menopause journey.

She is a registered member of British Society of Lifestyle medicine and British Menopause society.

She understands the importance of research and keeps her knowledge updated to ensure best and safe care for her patients.

Specialises In

Women’s health( Oral contraception and HRT)

Health checks

Elderly care

Lifestyle medicine

Chronic disease management

Professional Memberships

General Medical Council

Royal College of General Practitioners

Medical Protection Society

British Menopause Society

British Society of lifestyle medicine

Primary Care Diabetes Society

What Our Patients Say

Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to providing exceptional clinical care to all patients. We are extremely proud of the service we provide.
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