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MRI Scan

An MRI scan can take photo's inside the body by the use of strong magnetic fields and radio waves. The scan is suitable for every part of the body.

What is an MRI scan?

An MRI scan allows doctors to safely capture high-quality images of the inside of the body. The main use of a MRI scan is to view potential abnormalities within body structures such as joints, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

An MRI scan requires patients to lie down on a table which slides through a tunnel containing strong magnetic fields. Patients with certain medical conditions may be prevented from having an MRI scan by doctors. It is suitable for scanning the whole body and is one of the most advanced imaging techniques.


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Reasons you may need an MRI scan

An MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatment, and assess how effective previous treatment has been. An MRI scan is one of the safest medical procedures available and can be extremely effective at gaining a deeper understanding of the body and examine issues with:

Brain and spinal cord

This can scan for chronic back pain, scoliosis and paralysis.

Bones, joints and muscles

This can diagnose pain in joints, bone damage and ligament tears.

Head scans

It can detect conditions of the brain such as cysts, bleeding and tumors.

Heart and blood vessels

They can be scanned to find heart diseases or defects.

Internal organs

The liver, womb and prostate glands can be scanned for diseases and cancers.


They can be shown through a detailed image, differences between normal and diseased tissue can be found.

Advanced Cancer Screening

Our MRI scanner, is used for full body cancer screening to detect cancer at early stages.

The procedure is a non-invasive assessment with no biological risk. This screening requires no medication or preparation before the scan and no injected scanning contrasts will be needed. A new method of cancer screening called Whole Body-Diffusion Weighted Imaging (WB-DWI) is used and can allow radiologists to detect cancer lesions as small as 3 millimetres, providing early diagnosis.

After the scan you are able to return to normal daily activities.

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