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Morpheus 8

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical treatment that tightens the face, jawline and neck. This treatment is now available at Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford.

Non-surgical Treatment

At Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford we now offer a new non-surgical treatment called Morpheus8. This treatment can target fine, moderate and deeper wrinkles, improves the skin tone and texture and reduces scars, including acne scarring. It can also help to reduce active acne.

For the face Morpheus8 can improve eye bags and upper eyelid laxity, reduce smile lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines, and improve the facial contour by tightening and re-contouring the chin, jawline and neck to reduce jowls and submental fat or double chins.

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What should I expect on the day?

The treatment takes 30-60 minutes depending on the area being treated. Topical anaesthetic will be placed on the face for at least 30 minutes before the treatment. The treatment itself is pain-free.

After treatment, there is local skin redness (erythema), swelling (oedema), and the sensation of heat that can last anywhere from 1-7 days. It is normal to have tiny pinpoint scabs appear that can be masked 24 hours after treatment with make-up.  Visible results can be achieved 4-14 days post-treatment.

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