Custom Made Knee Replacements on Harley Street

We do not believe that one size fits all, which is why we create knee replacements that match your own knee.

Custom-made knee replacement that matches your own knee

Here at Phoenix Hospital Group we can give you a completely customised knee replacement, giving you the most comfortable and natural fit.

Research has shown that custom-made knee replacements require less bone to be removed from your knee, giving a more accurate outcome in the placement and alignment of the knee. Don’t suffer unnecessarily with an arthritic knee that is getting progressively worse.

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What is a Conformis custom-made knee replacement?

Everyone’s knees vary in different shapes and contours so the chances of your knee being the same shape as the generic off-the-shelf prosthesis is extremely slim. To ensure that we achieve the best results, we use custom-made knee prostheses from Conformis.

To create the custom-made knee you will have a CT scan. The data is then sent to Conformis in Boston where they design and manufacture the prosthesis that matches the exact size, shape and contour of your knee.

Video: Benefits of a Conformis Knee Replacement

This video highlights some of the differences between a Conformis custom-made knee replacement and a traditional off-the-shelf prosthesis.

Testimonial for Mr Ian McDermott
Testimonial for Weymouth Street Hospital

“I feel very fortunate to have found Mr. McDermott. From the outset I appreciated his clear communication, giving me plenty of information on which to base my decision to go ahead with surgery. While compassionate and caring he never made light of the seriousness of the surgery and the hard work after surgery. He suggested the Weymouth for the operation and I am very happy with that choice.”

“I thought the care I received at the Weymouth Street Hospital was brilliant. The main nurse I had was absolutely brilliant, completely proactive, always on top of everything.

The care I got couldn’t have been better, even down to the food. The staff were so attentive but not on top of you. They got the balance down so well.

I thought the Weymouth Street Hospital was a great little gem that I didn’t even know existed. Because of COVID-19, there was much less interaction than there would be otherwise, but on the ward everyone seemed to be pretty comfortable. Everyone was so friendly and it was very efficient.”

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