GP services

We offer a comprehensive private GP Service. All our GPs are GMC registered and comply fully with GMC revalidation requirements.
They have many years of experience in the private sector and have unparalleled access to top London specialists and consultants based in Harley Street and at the London teaching hospitals.
Our GPs work with all the major insurers and are happy to offer support and advice on accessing the best treatment for you.

Our Services

  • Private General Practice consultations and specialists referral offering same day appointments
  • Formulation of medical management plan, private and repeat prescriptions
  • Private physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy referrals
  • Contraception and antenatal checks
  • Lifestyle advice and dietician referrals
  • Full range of laboratory tests
  • Referral for radiology and scans
  • Resting electrocardiograms
  • Insurance check ups
  • Prescriptions

Health Screening

We offer a wide range of Screening Packages from a basic health screen to a full body MOT.
Screening starts with a GP consultation, we offer evidence based screening products to address your specific health needs. We can offer you a consultation with a male or a female doctor.
We believe that prevention is better than cure and recommend the implementation of scheduled medical examinations to detect and management of health issues before illness takes root. Over 50’s MOT is strongly recommended.

  • Cervical Cytology and Ovarian cancer screen
  • Bowel cancer screening (stool analysis or colonoscopy)
  • Urine tests

Book Now

You or your referring clinician can book an appointment with us using one of three simple methods:
Email us on [email protected]
Call us on 0207 079 2102– we will be happy to discuss and arrange an appointment.
We will send a confirmation once your consultation is booked. If you would like to rearrange your appointment please do give us at least 24 hours notice. 

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