Early Pregnancy Scans

We recognise that early pregnancy can be a worrying time and so we are happy to carry out scans to alleviate anxiety. We also perform “dating scans” to accurately date the pregnancy.

Bleeding and or pain are relatively common early in a pregnancy but understandably these symptoms are very worrying for any couple due to concerns about either miscarriage or more rarely ectopic pregnancy. In most situations, a reassurance scan provides the peace of mind needed to enjoy the pregnancy. Caring for women when there is a problem in early pregnancy does not stop with an ultrasound scan. In the unfortunate event that there are any problems, we can provide advice and direction including providing the support of a psychologist if needed.

The early pregnancy scan, sometimes known as the dating scan, will be the first ultrasound you have with us at 25 Harley Street. It provides important information and reassurance to both you and your medical team.


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You will need a referral from your clinician. You or your referring clinician can then book an appointment using one of 3 simple ways:

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