Cosmetic surgery ops on the rise – BBC News

There was a sharp increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK in 2015, figures show. Read the full story.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) said there were 51,140 surgical procedures last year – up from 45,406 the year before.

It overturns a recent decline, which was blamed on the recession and the scandal over faulty breast implants.

Nine out of 10 procedures were in women, although the rise was seen in both genders.

The Weymouth Street Hospital carries out many of these procedures with our team of highly skilled Baaps Surgeons.

The top 10 procedures were:

  1. Breast augmentation up 12% to 9,652
  2. Eyelid surgery up 12% to 8,689
  3. Face and neck lifts up 16% to 7,419
  4. Breast reductions up 13% to 6,246
  5. Liposuction up 20% to 5,551
  6. Nose jobs up 14% to 4,205
  7. Fat transfer operations up 3% to 3,261
  8. Tummy tucks up 8% to 2,933
  9. Browlifts up 7% to 2,110
  10. Ear corrections up 14% to 1,074

Overall, the number of procedures increased by 13%.