Breast Surgery

We offer a wide range of specialist Breast Services and surgery. From excision of tumours and benign breast lumps, to the latest Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

We work with some of the most experienced surgeons in London, all of whom work at the capital’s teaching hospitals and within the quality end of the private sector.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery:

We specialise in Cosmetic Breast Surgery offering competitive fixed price packages for fully inclusive care.

We offer the following procedures:

 Other Breast Surgery:

  • Removal of benign breast lumps – Our skilled surgeons can remove benign breast lumps using a simple excision.
  • Breast reconstruction – We offer breast reconstruction post Mastectomy.
  • Correction of inverted nipples – An inverted nipple can be corrected with a small incision.
  • Mastectomy – Breasts can be removed in both male and female patients to treat or prevent cancer.
  • Microductectomy -Blocked ducts can cause nipple discharge requiring a microductectomy.  Our consultants exercise great care to ensure the scar is as subtle as possible.
  • Wide excision of tumour – Our surgeons offer specialist removal of tumours.

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