The Urology Centre, Harley Street, London

12th September 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Our Urology Centre based in central London brings together a wide range of specialists, all exceptional consultants in their field. To provide the best overall care for our patients, we bring together not only urologists but oncologists and gynaecologists to work together in tandem. Drawing on a large body of experience ensures that each of our patients is guided down the right medical or surgical path for their concern. Rather than referring on to another team, our in house pelvic radiologists can liaise with your consultant directly to discuss any pertinent findings.

The overall benefit of this type of care is a trusted comprehensive approach; we pride ourselves on an efficient service that drives right diagnosis, fast treatment and excellent care.

At Phoenix Hospital Group we provide both inpatient and outpatient services for our clients. The urological system includes not just the kidneys and bladder but affects to varying degrees the reproductive systems of men and women. It is due to these differences that our teams are specialised into mainly female or male specialists. This allows us to provide directed treatment focussing on a particular area of expertise for the consultant.

Our range of urological services

Urological disease covers a wide range of issues, ranging from incontinence to cancer. We use the latest techniques and technology to improve outcomes for patients across the board. Where possible we utilise non-invasive techniques in our urological services to minimise the risk of infection and other complications arising from surgical interventions.

Renal care

Kidney stones are unfortunately for some a recurring and troublesome issue. Left untreated they can lead to further kidney disease or at times painful episodes as the stone attempts to travel from the kidney to the bladder. We offer both non-invasive and surgical treatment guided by your personal needs.

The Bladder Clinic

We combine careful investigation and the latest treatments to bring about quick resolution of troubling continence issues.

This includes Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) and Bladder Botox injections. Both treatments offer high success rates coupled with lower risk of complications when compared to older treatment methods.

The Harley Street Prostate ‘One Stop Shop’ Clinic

Prostate problems are not uncommon in the male population as we age. Our team have cared for and treated hundreds of patients and seen them back to the best urological and reproductive health possible.

This includes the use of the newest treatments in BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), including Aquablation therapy. This next generation treatment allows our consultant team to provide a balanced approach to BPH treatment, reducing the risk of side effects whilst at the same time maintaining good levels of symptom control.

Prostate cancer is a rising concern as our patient’s grow older, with many conditions such as BPH bringing out symptoms similar to that of prostate cancer. Our one stop shop gives fast investigation and reassurance when it is needed most.

Male Fertility

Fertility is a central part of every human’s health and well-being. Our renowned consultants understand the sensitive nature of these services and both vasectomy and sperm retrieval are available to patients in a confidential environment.

For those who have previously made the decision to undergo vasectomy but now wish to have the chance to father children, vasectomy reversal is an option to be explored during an initial consultation with one of our male fertility experts.

Other minor medical procedures such as adult circumcision are also provided after examination and assessment.

Female fertility is covered by our obstetrics service.


As with male urology services, our experts on bladder and incontinence care provide the same excellent package of care and treatment for both sexes. Due to differing anatomy and the possibility of childbirth, the women’s urogynaecology centre houses our specialist women’s urology team.

Female incontinence

Certain shared conditions such as incontinence and urinary tract infections are present in women at higher rates than men for a variety of reasons. Our consultants advise hundreds of women each year, guiding them to a better quality of life, free from the worry of urinary or faecal incontinence.

We understand many find incontinence an embarrassing issue and our therapy, advice and surgical interventions are offered with patient empathy and dignity at their core.

Pelvic floor injury and vaginal prolapse

After experiencing childbirth, pelvic surgery or changes that come with age, pelvic floor dysfunction or vaginal prolapse can become apparent. Our urogynaecology specialists use innovative surgical techniques in theatre alongside a wide range of conservative treatments to treat pelvic floor or vaginal wall weakness.

Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery works best when tailored to the specific needs of each patient. We work closely with relevant teams, including postpartum physiotherapists and midwifery to give dedicated emotional and physical support. Our surgeons discuss each case with experts in related fields such as colorectal surgery to provide comprehensive care, treatment and follow up.

Surgical Excellence for Women

Years of experience means that alongside the above conditions, our consultants manage and treat many other conditions and complications of the vagina and urinary tract. This includes but is not limited to congenital malformations, vaginal fistulas and cystoscopy for investigation. Alongside medical and surgical interventions, appointments with one of our consultants include advice on managing symptoms, pain control and lifestyle management.

Your time with us is supported by a number of allied health professionals including experienced physiotherapists and nurses who aid and advise on both preparing for surgery and the path to recovery. Our experts also work closely with plastic surgeons for those women who are inquiring about aesthetic or reconstructive surgery.

If you are interested in meeting one of our experienced consultants to discuss further call us now on 020 7079 2100.