Private GP Services

27th November 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

In London and the UK, both private and NHS GPs provide frontline medical services to the general population. UK and EU nationals who reside in the UK are both eligible for free access to NHS healthcare services. While the NHS is often praised in comparison to the healthcare systems available in other countries, many still choose private GPs when it comes to their regular health check-ups.

So what are the reasons why private GPs may be chosen over an NHS GP? Although they both fulfil the same duty, there can be significantly wide variation in the quality and speed of the care provided. Below we go into some finer detail as to why choosing to see a private GP may be the right decision for you.


Private GPs are available as needed with short waiting times, in stark contrast to the usual NHS offering. This can greatly reduce worry and stress as the onset of any illness can bring with it significant concern, especially if the root cause is not known or understood. The symptoms of many conditions can be debilitating, which in turn will highlight any delays in diagnosis or treatment. We see our patients within hours, not weeks.



Shorter waiting times, coupled with being seen in a hospital environment, work synergistically to greatly improve the efficiency of private GP services. A variety of hospital specialists are on hand to be consulted with and referred to when needed, again ensuring a more prompt service.


Comprehensive care

NHS GPs are reliant on government funding and personal GP preference to provide certain auxiliary services. Instead of being referred for minor treatments or travel injections, these can be provided as a same day service. Our dedicated team share between themselves the highest levels of experience, allowing us to cater for a much wider range of healthcare needs.


Truly modern facilities

Our private GPs have full access to the latest cutting edge diagnostic and investigative technologies. Significant investment into our clinics and hospitals means we can provide services thought previously to be only provided by hospital specialists.


Patient centred care

All doctors strive to provide the utmost the patients that they care for. Unfortunately, there is a natural limit to the amount of care that can be provided when time is severely restricted. An NHS GP appointment is typically only around 8 minutes. Private GPs have the freedom to spend more time with you, so they can listen to your concerns, explore more fully your needs and expectations.


Personal choice

instead of being allocated an unknown doctor, private GP services allow you to choose your own personal preference of clincian. Feeling comfortable with your GP is of the utmost importance, allowing you to feel relaxed in the clinical environment to discuss your needs freely. Both male and female doctors are available as required.


Location independent

In today’s modern and busy world, many of us simply do not have the time to return to our home town if we feel unwell. Rather than delaying a GP visit until it is more convenient, our GPs can see you away from home at a time that suits you.


How can I pay for my Private GP?

Private payments are accepted but you may want to check with your health insurance provider first to see if you are covered for any part of your consultations, investigations or treatments.

Please bear in mind that you will be given a private prescription to collect at the pharmacy. This requires you to pay for the cost of the medication, rather than the flat fee provided by NHS services.


Our Health Screening Packages

Health screening packages are the modern approach to patient centred healthcare. Prevention is better than cure. The cultural norm of treating illness after it sets in is not an effective approach to medicine. Our Private GPs provide everything from initial health screening to more in depth comprehensive reviews.

Preventative healthcare results in better outcomes for patients by treating or anticipating disease before it can damage the body. This reduces the physiological and psychological burden of illness, returning you more promptly to full health.


What conditions are covered by Private GPs?

Our team of experienced consultants cover the usual breadth of GP practice and more. This means that we are equipped to deal with non-emergency conditions and illnesses. For those over the age of 40 we recommend a full checkup to help in the prevention of any future health concerns.

Our GPs each have specialist interests, ranging from family planning and female reproductive health to musculoskeletal injuries and bespoke dietician referral and planning. Whatever you needs, we can deliver a package of care that is centered around you.

Medical examinations for employment, insurance and immigration are also available alongside vaccinations for travel and HPV vaccinations for children.


Complete Aftercare

Medical discussions and jargon can be a lot to take in if you are unfamiliar with the topic at hand. Our doctors deal with each patient individually, making sure that you understand what is happening in your body so you can make informed choices about your health.

We can provide a summary of your consultation so that you are able to review all the details in your own time if needed. We will also send a copy to your NHS GP to ensure that there is continuity of your care in the future.


If you are interested in meeting one of our experienced consultants to discuss further call us now on 0207 079 2100.