Neck Lift

30th May 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

A lower face and neck lift stands as one of the most efficient ways in reducing the signs of aging. Skin naturally loses collagen over time, resulting in the loss of firmness and structure as we age. This can give the impression that our facial features are fading, in fact they are simply hidden by loosely fitting skin.

A lower face and neck lift allows our experienced and specialist cosmetic surgery consultants to restore the underlying beauty and youth in your face. Compared to other procedures, a face and neck lift makes numerous changes to bring about a positive and lasting cosmetic result.

The lifting of the neck and face brings with it a new, youthful facial profile, alleviating years of wrinkles and the effects of gravity.

How long will the Neck and Face Lift last?

Our surgical team carefully analyse the natural contours of your face, jaw and neck to tailor our treatment to your specific needs. This ensures that you are left with the best cosmetic result possible that will last the test of time. At a minimum, our clients can expect 10 to 15 years of improvement.

You can help prolong the restorative effects of our surgery by adhering to good skin aftercare. As we all know, excessive sun exposure and smoking damage your skin inside and out. This will accelerate ageing and reduce the positive impact of any restorative treatments we perform.

Your Face and Neck Lift Surgery

In the initial assessment, each patient’s individual needs which will be assessed by one of our surgical consultants. We will focus on achieving the best results whilst minimising surgical effects such as swelling and scarring. You will be required to undergo general anaesthetic with most operations taking under 4 hours.

The lift will remove both skin and fat to pull your neck and jawline into a more youthful appearance. Our modern surgical techniques make incisions in a way that reduces the future visibility of any scars.

Your Surgical Recovery

Swelling and bruising are a natural consequence of any surgery, but decades of experience allow us to reduce this to the least amount possible. Mild discomfort can also be expected, but again our expert team will provide appropriate pain relief to manage this.

Your face and neck will of course naturally feel tighter after the operation. Some may feel this same tightness around the mouth when opening to eat or speak which will resolve over a few days. To accelerate the reduction of swelling we advise sleeping upright and using ice packs applied to the face when possible.

As with all aesthetic surgery, whilst improvement will be immediately obvious, the majority of the swelling will resolve within days. To fully appreciate the extent of the aesthetic improvement you will need to wait around 6 months as your skin and facial structure settles.

If non-dissolvable stitches are used in your surgery we will see you in clinic 10 days after surgery to remove these for you.

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