London Dermatologists At The Forefront Of Skin Care

8th May 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Skin is your body’s front line in defence against the outside world. Dermatology cares for this most vital organ whilst restoring confidence in one’s own self-appearance.

Dermatological conditions are unfortunately common in a modern city like London and can be a source of significant psychological and physiological burden to those who live with them. Our London dermatologists listen carefully to your concerns and treat the whole person, not just their skin.

Exceptional Skin Care, Guided by Experience

Our leading Dermatology service is led by a team of experienced consultants who cover the whole breadth of the complex specialty. With many options for medical skin care available, our specialist dermatologist team leads the way in advanced management and treatment.

Whether for medical, surgical or cosmetic care, we provide sound guidance on the best treatments for your specific needs. Our London dermatologists use their extensive experience and clinical knowledge to optimise your bespoke care. We understand the distressing nature of skin conditions and work to simultaneously minimise symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Revolutionary Dermatology in London

Those searching for dermatology services may feel overwhelmed by choice. We stand out from the crowd with a consultant team at the cutting edge of medical practice and research.

Dr Justine Kluk

Prior to working in London, Dr Kluk was a fellow at the world-renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology and she maintains an active interest in skin cancer research today. Alongside regular publishing of research in international dermatology journals she is often cited by the media for her expertise.

In her private work Dr Kluk uses her considerable expertise to aid those suffering from acne, rosacea, scarring and pigmentation. A Cosmetic Dermatology expert, she is also renowned for her light touch and less-is-more approach to skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

Dr Juber Hafiji

Dr Hafiji studied dermatology at Cambridge, developing a particular interest in dermatological surgery and skin cancer. He went on to gain his Fellowship at the esteemed American College of Mohs Surgery specialising in skin cancer and reconstructive surgery.

Always striving to enhance the patient experience in all areas, he has led changes in skin cancer services at NHS Foundation Trusts. His main clinical interests are in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

His research highlight advanced surgical techniques that provide patients with the best results. Dr Hafiji is a world leader in performing Mohs micrographic surgery – which is renowned as the leading treatment for many skin cancers.

Dr Russell-Jones

Qualifying in 1972, Dr Russell Jones has been a leading consultant dermatologist in London for decades. As the Director of the Skin Tumour Unit from 1996 to 2005, he is qualified both as a clinician and a dermatopathologist with over 200 peer-reviewed publications in medical literature.

Dr Russell-Jones held a number of senior roles in the dermatology community. At Guys Kings Thomas’ he was lead clinician for skin cancer, he was also Chair of the UK Skin Lymphoma Group, and President of the Dermatological Society at St John’s Hospital.

He also held the role of President Elect of the Dermatology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. His clinical expertise and knowledge covers all aspects of dermatology with special interest in skin cancer.

Dr Lucy Thomas

Dual qualified with first class honours both as a Dermatologist and a Pharmacist Dr Lucy Thomas is a Consultant Dermatologist at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Hospital where she carries out dermatology clinics, skin surgery and teledermatology.

She is widely published in the Dermatology journals, has won numerous awards from the Royal Society of Medicine and qualified as one of the top three dermatologists across the whole of Europe from the Euroderm Excellence Course.

Dr Thomas strives for excellence across her dermatology practice, covering a wide range of clinical interests from eczema, acne and psoriasis through to rosacea, hidradenitis and skin cancer.

The Complete London Dermatology Service

With such a wide range of expertise we are able to offer management and treatment for medical, surgical and aesthetic needs. We cover common conditions such as eczema, moles and acne up to complex conditions such as facial cancers, scar revisions and more. For those who seek exceptional skin cancer care we are delighted to offer Mohs micrographic surgery.

Not just focused on clinical treatment, we also offer guidance on skincare, rejuvenation and skin checks.

If you are interested in meeting one of our experienced dermatologists call us now on 0207 079 2102.