London Cardiologists

14th June 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

The Cardiology clinic at Phoenix Hospital Group brings together top London cardiologists combined with cutting edge medical care. Run by experts in the field, our experienced consultants care for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of your cardiovascular health.

Your heart and blood vessels make up your cardiovascular system, which in turn supplies your body with essential oxygen and nutrients. Our specialist team is committed to providing the best cardiac care to ensure this vital system operates at peak performance throughout your life.

A Consultation with our Cardiologists

We provide a range of services from investigation of potential health concerns to monitoring and treatment of pre-existing conditions. Backed by years of experience, we not only seek to treat but to advise and guide your future cardiac health.

Our specialist consultants are available for regular checkups to maintain optimum health as well as rapid access appointments. After examination, same day diagnostic imaging is available to aid in prompt diagnosis and treatment. If you experience any symptoms of concern our cardiologists give expert reassurance and peace of mind when you need it most.

Cutting Edge Cardiology Screening and Treatment

Our medical technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate. Our specialist cardiac care is constantly being reviewed and updated so that we can provide the latest and most effective service.

For routine check ups we review your vascular health and the electrical impulses of your heart muscle using blood pressure monitors, ECGs (electrocardiographs) and exercise stress tests.

When appropriate, we are able to provide state of the art CT and MRI scans of both your heart and blood vessels. Not only does this allow us to appraise your current well being but also enables us to target our therapies to put your health in the best possible position for the future.

Poor cardiovascular health is one of the leading causes of illness and death in our modern world and our more focussed investigations, such as stress echocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart) and carotid artery scanning allow us to significantly reduce this risk for our patients.

Carotid artery scanning is an excellent example. Quick and non-invasive, this technique gives insight into the health of the blood vessels leading to your brain, vital for avoiding potentially debilitating complications like stroke or TIA (transient ischaemic attack).

Cardiac Health – Simplified

We are able to utilise a wide range of tests and imaging when formulating your bespoke treatment plan. Understandably the sheer number of available options can be confusing at the best of times.

As one of the premier cardiology services in London we strive to ensure that our care and guidance is clear and easy to understand, regardless of the underlying complexity of treatment. Test results themselves can be misleading or concerning; our experienced consultants interpret these with you and explain if further treatment or appointments are needed. Our consultant led team aim to scan, diagnose and treat on the same day where possible.

We believe that good communication and understanding between patient and doctor not only makes for a better customer experience but arms our patients with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for themselves and their heart.