Gynaecologist London

28th May 2019 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Our London Gynaecologists are some of the country’s best. Gynaecology covers all aspects of the medical and aesthetic care of a woman’s reproductive system. The discipline manages a woman’s intimate health at all ages and stages of life, aiding in the management and medical review of conception, contraception and sexual health.

Due to the private and personal nature of gynaecology, there has historically been reservations in women being aware of issues, understanding help and medical treatment is available as well as seeking out said treatment.  Fortunately modern discussion surrounding female sexual health has greatly improved openness regarding what was seen by some as a taboo subject.

With more frank and open attitudes, women find themselves free to actively seek out gynaecological services for both medical and aesthetic concerns. In the past it was all too common to find women who lived silently with discomfort, pain or functional issues. Over time this medical burden can lead to psychosexual problems, potentially worsening reversible conditions.

Today, women who have undergone natural changes due to age, childbirth or conditions such as fibroids are able to promptly and confidently seek help. Widening acceptance of cosmetic or aesthetic gynaecology brings the option of a range of services, from vaginal tightening to labiaplasty to help you feel more comfortable with your own body.

An Unparalleled Gynaecology Service

While there may be a recent growing trend of aesthetic gynaecology, our consultant led service has been providing excellent women’s healthcare for years. Dedicated to their field, all are qualified to be listed on the GMC specialist register, either as plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons or as aesthetic plastic surgeons.

In practice, these designations mean they are fully equipped to deliver effective and safe gynaecological treatment to each patient under their care. Our clinics and facilities are provided in a central London location for your convenience, using the latest surgical techniques and methodologies. Reassuringly, any intervention is provided with the full support of a general surgical hospital, fully staffed to attend to your specific needs.

Both our medical and aesthetic services are complete packages. Led by male and female consultants who live in London, experience with many patients each year means they are well equipped to deal sensitively with your concerns and expectations of any upcoming surgery. We ensure all aspects of your sexual and reproductive health are discussed and give a balanced and objective overview of how we can best help.

Your Initial Gynaecology Consultation

An experienced and dedicated specialist consultant will meet with you to review your personal and medical issues before offering guidance on the next best steps. Our state of the art facilities give us the capacity to offer surgical and medical services at your convenience.

We understand that as well as requiring discretion and empathy, patients seek reassurance for what can be distressing or uncomfortable conditions. Our consultants are eager to help educate and advise on a subject that still has some myths and misinformation surrounding it. Once armed with the proper information, we will then direct you either to examination, scanning or surgery as recommended. Many of our patients are surprised at the extent to which modern surgical procedures are able to improve their lives, both physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Medical Gynaecology Services

Our medical gynaecology service concentrates on your internal reproductive health and associated health concerns. This includes but is not limited to patient’s who experience abdominal and pelvic pain, pain surrounding sexual activity and menstrual disorders, encompassing bleeding disorders and endometriosis. A full list of available treatments can be viewed on our medical gynaecology page.

If you are suffering urinary concerns such as stress or urge incontinence then you may want to review our urogynaecology services, which are provided by a separate specialist team.

Cosmetic Gynaecology Services

Aesthetic or cosmetic gynaecology can be a misleading title, as it implies only superficial changes for the patient. In reality, women find that a burden of years is often lifted after cosmetic treatment, allowing them to live fuller day to day and sexual lives. Whether your feel dissatisfied with bodily changes or find embarrassment or discomfort with your genitalia, our expert team can guide you carefully through the process of understanding all the treatment options available for you.


Labiaplasty concerns modification of either the inner labia minora or the outer labia majora. Due to the natural progression of day to day life, childbirth and aging, you may find changes to your labia or pre existing concerns become intolerable.

Excess skin, fat or stretching of the inner or outer labia can lead to sensitive skin that is being pulled or irritated on a daily basis. This problem can be compounded by sexual intercourse, tight fitting clothing or exercise. Ensuing discomfort or pain then leads to aversion of certain activities and unnaturally restrict a woman’s life.

Labia provide an important medical function in a woman’s reproductive system. Labia that are prominent or enlarged can disrupt the vital internal balance of flora, that is a woman’s natural bacterial balance, leading to conditions such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis.

Labiaplasty shapes and forms your skin to a shape and size that reduces or eliminates these potential issues, as well as providing women with a pleasing aesthetic result. Many patients also report improved sexual functioning after their procedure, with increased sensitivity where it matters most.

Vaginal Wall Repair – Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal looseness, either from genetics, giving birth or other causes is of course a source of worry and in some cases embarrassment for women. Whilst perfectly natural, there can be distortion to the point that patients no longer feel happy with their body or their sexual function.

Fortunately, safe and effective surgical treatment is available and our expert plastic surgeons explain in detail to each patient how vaginal tightening will affect them. Again, this is not just a cosmetic surgery although it is classified as such. Reforming such an intimate and personal bodily organ affects its function, appearance and how it feels subjectively.

Our consultants encourage a holistic approach to all care they provide, and ensure that you are given the proper psychological support and as well as the usual expert medical treatment provided by Weymouth Street Hospital.

Cosmetic Gynaecology – What to Expect

Each patient will have their own needs and surgery tailored towards them, some cases will only require local anaesthetic, whereas more involved surgery will require general anaesthetic.

Overall, time in surgery is usually less than 2 hours and patients commonly return home the same day, although some choose to rest overnight in the hospital before discharge. These details will be discussed at your initial consultation, alongside detailing the likely outcome and recovery time from your treatment.

If you are interested in meeting one of our experienced consultants to discuss further call us now on 0203 075 2345.