COVID-19 Protected

29th July 2020 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Phoenix Hospital Group has been busy helping the NHS treat patients through the recent lockdown and we are very proud that Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford has treated over 3000 cases. We are now returning to our normal first class patient centred care but need to ensure we are safe and can give our patients every confidence.


The NHS has two classifications for hospitals. Most hospitals are Covid Managed – the term ‘amber’ is also used. This means the hospital admits patients who may have COVID-19 as well as patients who are known not to have COVID-19 but try to keep them separate. They may have out patients in the same building.


Weymouth Street Hospital goes further and is one of a very few UK hospitals that are Covid Protected or ‘green’. Every single patient entering any part of the building has been isolated, tested with a swab, and checked for symptoms. We never allow any out patient or emergency or unscreened patient into the hospital.


Our out patients and diagnostics are in a separate building – if they were in the same building we would only be amber! Both 9 and 25 Harley Street have their own precautions – patients are screened, temperature checked and separated from each other to minimise infection, but having a consultation or X Ray is not in itself a risk.


We also screen all our staff with questionnaire and temperature checks every day plus regular swabs as well as antibody checks. Please visit our COVID-19 Information page for more information about our COVID-19 standards and for information about obtaining treatment.