Phoenix Physiotherapy Clinic And How It Can Be Beneficial

29th March 2021 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Physiotherapy is the science-based approach to assessing and treating your mobility and function. Specifically, it helps to restore movement and function to levels seen before an injury or illness.

The Physiotherapists at 9 Harley Street cover not only patients who have been affected by disease or accident but also those with pre-existing conditions and disabilities. Their work focuses on function, movement and strength, using manual therapy as well as one to one education on how best to manage personal issues.

Our physiotherapy clinic is always goal driven, aiming to take patients to a place of strengthening and recovery, allowing them to return to sport, work or carry out activities of daily living without support.

A Range of Physiotherapy treatments at 9 Harley Street

The list below is by no means exhaustive but gives a good idea of the wide range of conditions that physiotherapy can help treat.

Musculoskeletal issues Diseases and conditions that affect the muscle, bones or joints are very common in the physiotherapists workload. This includes subjects such as back pain, injuries from sport and arthritis.

Breathing issues These may arise from congenital conditions such as cystic fibrosis or from work related exposure or smoking which can lead to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Admission recovery Long or intensive stays in hospital, such as experienced by some COVID patients can weaken reserves and muscle strength.

Neurological issues Disorders of the brain or nervous system, such as in stroke or Parkinson’s disease lead to movement problems that benefit from physiotherapist intervention.


Physiotherapy Appointments

Physiotherapy is by its very nature a physical discipline. Whilst our physiotherapy team at 9 Harley Street do begin with a in depth inquiry into your medical and physical health, the overwhelming majority of appointments will include some form of physical examination.

These examinations consist of the therapist observing, moving and assisting your limbs and joints to assess where underlying restriction or pain may be originating from. This may include a small test of strength to elicit if you would benefit from more strength in that area.

Working in this way gives patients a much faster route to recovery, whether that be a reduction in pain, improvement in function or both.

As the physiotherapist will be mobilising your body and limbs the sessions are more comfortable with appropriate clothing. Loose t shirts and strappy tops are best when the upper body is being worked on, with shorts or jogging bottoms best for the lower limbs.

You may be asked to sometimes remove clothes during examination, please let the physiotherapist know your comfort level as you go through the appointment with them.


Follow Up & Investigations

Once your initial consultation and examination with us at 9 Harley has been completed, your physiotherapist will outline their thoughts on your condition, likely progress with physiotherapy and any further tests or scans that they might think are appropriate.

This ensures that any underlying issues that could benefit from the attention of another potential specialist are found, as well as to give an idea of potential further work you could do together.

One of the lasting benefits of even a single physiotherapist consultation however is the one to one teaching that is received throughout. Delivered in the form of exercises to carry out at home, they allow patients to self-manage at home using the expertise they have received from a professional physiotherapist.


To book an appointment with a specialist call us on 0207 079 2102 or email