About our Dermatology Clinic at 25 Harley Street

19th March 2021 By Phoenix Hospital Group

Our Dermatological Centre of Excellence lies in the heart of London, providing a specialist Dermatology service that is at the forefront of advances in skin medicine and skin care. Our clinical team are experts in skin health and medicine, bringing the best possible treatments to our patients.

The strains of modern living can damage skin, causing accelerated aging and poor skin health. Drawing on decades of experience, our Consultant led team are used to treating the full range of dermatological complaints, from common annoyances to more complex and demanding conditions. By working in this fashion, signs and symptoms can be reduced quickly, minimising the impact on your quality of life.

Our Dermatological Centre of Excellence

Our dermatology centre at 25 Harley street brings together Dermatology consultants with differing specialist interests, giving our patients the benefits of a holistically built team.

Instead of lengthy referral processes, our dedicated in-house team can draw on each other’s personal expertise, resulting in faster and more accurate diagnoses for our patients. Our service is further expedited by our same day diagnostic imaging, made possible by our state of the art facilities.


Your Dermatology Appointment

The first step is to have an initial consultation with one of our consultants. This allows them to gain a complete picture of your medical history along with other pertinent information. This reinforces the findings of their examination, which will lead either to diagnosis or further investigation, such as same day imaging.

If further investigation is required this can often be carried out in the clinic as well, including small procedures such as biopsies and excisions.


Medical, Surgical or Aesthetic Dermatology

Dermatological care often requires consistent attention to detail in order to achieve excellent results. At 25 Harley St our consultants draw from across the three disciplines of Medical, Surgical and Aesthetic dermatology to provide advanced care for our patients throughout their treatment journey.

We understand that skin care issues can be distressing, so we work with you to provide swift and accurate diagnosis, with guidance from our expert team on the right treatments for you and your skin.


To book an appointment with a specialist call us on 0207 079 2100 or email [email protected].