Treatments we offer

Using the latest video technology our Gastroenterology service offers screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the upper and lower parts of the digestive system.



This is usually done as an out-patient or day case procedure. It is a routine test which is commonly done under sedation to help you relax. It is an endoscopic examination of the large bowel by slowly inserting an endoscope into the anus and up into the colon. As well as offering visual diagnostics to the examiner it also allows them to take biopsies from the large intestine for testing or to remove polyps from the intestine wall.


A Gastroscopy is usually performed as an out-patient or day case procedure under sedation, depending on why it’s being used. A Gastroscopy is a used to examine a patients gullet or stomach using an endoscope. It is used to diagnose gut related problems.


Also known at Irritable Bowel Syndrome, our Gastroenterologists are able diagnose and treat this effectively using various methods including a change of lifestyle to prescribed medicine to control the flare up.

Food Intolerance

Food allergies are a rising issue in todays society and many people are unaware that they may or may not have a allergy to a certain type of food. We are able to identify the allergy with a few simple tests and come up with a plan to build a healthy life style around this.