Your care

Nursing care: Whilst our dedicated and professional nursing staff will be caring for you during your stay, your consultant is in overall charge of your clinical care. To support your consultant, a Resident Medical Officer is also on-site. Infection control: Control of infection is given the highest priority and all staff takes responsibility for this. Patients and their visitors will be asked to use alcohol hands gels and follow staff guidance where necessary.

Pain management: Some operations and procedures may cause pain or discomfort; however our aim is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. If you do experience any pain, please speak to your consultant or the nursing team.

Your rights:

  • Whilst at Weymouth Hospital, you can expect your patient rights to be respected at all times.

• Information about any treatment received at Weymouth Street Hospital will be kept in confidence by all staff

• All staff will respect your privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs at all times

The nursing staff will keep you informed of any changes in the plans for your treatment:

• All staff wear name badges and will address you with your preferred name/title

• Any proposed treatment (including risks and any alternative treatments) will be clearly explained to you before you are asked to sign a consent form

• You will be informed in advance, where possible, of any change of the date or time of your treatment