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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do I require an injection?


It is necessary to be given an injection of contrast during a DEXA scan.


How long will my scan take?


The duration of the scan varies but usually takes between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the part of your body that is being examined. Please give yourself plenty of time for your appointment.


Can I eat and drink as normal before and after the scan?


You do not need to do any special preparation prior to your DEXA scan and may continue to eat and drink as normal and take any prescribed medicine. There should be no after effects and you may eat and drink as usual after the scan.


I think I may be pregnant, can I have a DEXA scan?


Unfortunately, due to DEXA scans using ionising radiation, it is not advised that you have a DEXA scan during pregnancy, please inform a member of staff if you think you could be pregnant.

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Book your DEXA scan


You will either need a referral from your clinician or, if you wish to self-refer, tell us why you wish to have a DEXA  scan and one of our clinicians will approve a scan if appropriate.

Online booking form


If you wish to self-refer please call us on 0207 079 2102 or email [email protected]

Our bookings team will be happy to discuss and arrange and appointment, we will send a confirmation.

* If you would like to rearrange your appointment please do give us at least 24 hours notice.


If required, Professor Reid is also happy to offer a private consultation to discuss the results in person and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

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Services we offer



DEXA scanning is usually used to assess the risk of osteoporosis and fracture but it can also be used to measure body composition including body fat. It is a painless scan which can usually be done in less than 30 minutes while lying comfortably on an open scanner. The scan does use X-rays but the dose for the patient is extremely small often less than daily background levels of radiation.

Basic Screening DEXA
  • Two site BMD scan generally AP Spine and Dual Femur BMD with forearm to be substituted where needed
  • Image and T and Z-score report to be printed and given to subject
  • Clinical comment report to be provided by Professor David Reid within 2 working day to include standard lifestyle advice and requirements for further assessment.

Price: £200 


Comprehensive Risk Assessment DEXA with Clinical Advice


To be strongly recommended for everyone over 50 and offered to anyone over 40 if requested. This assessment is also required for anyone wishing comparison with previous DEXA scan

  • Spine and Dual Femur BMD with forearm to be substituted where needed as per basic service
  • Additional Lateral Vertebral Assessment scan to detect vertebral fractures in all subjects over 50 and in younger patients at high risk of vertebral fracture
  • Trabecular Bone Score calculated from the AP Spine scan – significantly improves risk assessment especially for vertebral fractures
  • Image Report of T-score and Z-score of Spine, Both Hips and Lateral spine to be printed and given to patient after scanning
  • Full Clinical Report provided by Professor David Reid within 2 working day to include 10-year risk of Major and Hip Fracture risk score (FRAX) in those over 40; Vertebral Fracture risk, full lifestyle and treatment advice where appropriate, and follow-up advice.
  • Additional Trending report to be provided if previous DEXA done at 25 Harley Street or full report brought by patient to the scanning unit.

Price: £275


Whole body Composition Scan


Suitable for assessing total bone, fat and muscle mass in adults especially in those with low and high BMI, sportsmen and those with cardiovascular and diabetes risk. High precision allows monitoring of changes in body composition in response to lifestyle modification.

  • Total Body and Regional BMD
  • Total Body and Regional Fat Mass
  • Total Body and Regional Lean Mass
  • Basic Report to be provided at scanning
  • Clinical comment report to be provided by Professor David Reid within 2 working day to include analysis of Visceral Adipose Tissue and Trending report where required

Price: £160 



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