Food Intolerance

It should never be underestimated how big an impact food intolerance has on the lives of sufferers. Food intolerance can cause the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Disease (bloating and abdominal pain) and can also cause Migraine. Our expert female Gastroenterologist has spent many years researching this specialists area. At a consultation, as as well as discounting any more serious conditions, she will explore how your food may be effecting your health.

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Intolerance to several foods or a group of foods is not uncommon, and it can be much more difficult to decide whether food intolerance is the cause of chronic illness, and which foods or substances may be responsible. Food Intolerance is not caused by the immune system. The symptoms may also last for several hours, even into the next day and sometimes longer.
At your consultation we will understand more about your symptoms and perform test to help identify their cause. Our Professor is achieves an improvement in the majority of patients and helps alleviate uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

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