About 9 Harley Street

9 Harley Street is an impressive out-patient consulting and imaging department, offering access to leading specialists and the highest standards of care.

Situated in the world famous area of Harley Street. Luxury state of the art facilities combined with efficient healthcare delivery contribute to confidence and reassurance for our patients.

9 Harley Street offers a quick and efficient service. Appointments are available to suit you and with no waiting lists. We aim to provide a prompt diagnosis and a high quality of care.

The basement was extended and designed for state of the art MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray and digital imaging technologies operated by our own full-time Radiographers and supported by leading Consultant Radiologists.

Patients are able to be seen, examined and to have their imaging undertaken at one visit. If no further treatment is needed reassurance can be provided immediately, if further treatment or an operation is required this can be planned on the same day and organised at our sister building, The Weymouth Street Hospital.

Combined with our extended opening hours and absence of waiting lists we are able to not only provide the highest standard of care but to minimise anxiety, prevent delay and ensure treatment is given promptly and confidentially.

We also offer novel modalities of screening which can prevent some of the commonest illnesses. Combined with electronic reporting your results can be made available to your own doctor anywhere in the world instantaneously. The combined facilities include:

• 8 consulting rooms

• 4 treatment rooms

• Full imaging suite with MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Ultrasound facilities ( X-ray and DEXA available at our sister clinic 25 Harley Street)

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