Headache and Migraine Clinic

We understand the distress which can result from headaches and migraine. The impact on mood, family, work and quality of life of persistent or recurrent pain. The fear of severe pain. We address the problem in a truly comprehensive manner.
At 9 Harley Street, we offer a One Stop Clinic to see a Specialist Consultant who will diagnose the issue and discuss with you a suitable and tailored treatment plan.
This service includes:
•Diagnose: A consultant Neurologist with a real interest in the condition, carries out a complete assessment. This includes arranging all appropriate investigations.
Integrate: The headache is linked to other features, which may be unwittingly fueling the condition. For instance, many people with headaches suffer poor sleep and aches and pains elsewhere which may also need to be treated .
Inform: The cause of the headache and associated symptoms are explained. The rationale behind any interventions are also made clear.
Intervene: Treatments known to be effective are used to alleviate the condition. This can includes complimentary (non-drug) interventions, tablets and injection therapies.
Empower: Information and tools to lessen long term dependence on medicines and medical services.
Aftercare: Follow-up is organised where appropriate, via face to face, telephone or email communication.
Evaluate: Arrangements are made to monitor and evaluate outcomes.
Tests considered include: Head MRI: Interpretation by a dedicated Consultant Neuro-radiologist  or a Cervical spine MRI: Interpretation by a dedicated Consultant Neuro-radiologist.
Interventions considered include:  Life style modifications: Based on the detailed consultation,  Oral medication: Benefits and potential adverse effects of various symptom and preventative drugs may be considered and  Injection therapies: Second line treatments include botulinum toxin and occipital nerve injections.
For more information or to book into our Headache and Migraine One Stop Clinic, please call 0207 079 2100 or email [email protected]

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